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Transcendental Quantum Reiki Training Course

Join us at Illuminations Well-Being Center for a next-generation healing modality that combines principles of Shamanism, hypnosis, quantum physics and energy healing!

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    About the TQR Training Course

    A powerful metaphysical type of healing.

    Transcendental Quantum Reiki (TQR) is a natural evolution of traditional Reiki and it is a higher level of energy healing that works in relation to the times that we are living in right now, where most of us are all demanding and searching for ways to profoundly change and authentically evolve throughout our lives.

    This method is being taught in different parts of the world and it is impacting the lives and capabilities of those who are already into energy healing, furtherly evolving and amplifying their healing capabilities and widely expanding their understanding of the mystery of life, creation, and on how energy works throughout our existence.

    Founded on the three pillars of hypnosis, quantum physics, and shamanism. And despite being a time-bound journey, it speeds up the body’s natural healing process, directing life energy, or chi, into the receiver.

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    What to expect?

    Before tapping into the mystery and potential of level one T.Q.R, we will prepare ourselves first through powerful and profound quantum cleansing, regenerative, and activating processes to higher the vibrational frequency of our electromagnetic field called the torus, which is the creative energy and multidimensional matrix of our soul in this dimension.

    We will study the principles of sacred geometry known in scientific terms as the vector equilibrium to activate and harness the ultraviolet photon frequency of the cosmos for our quantum cleansing and vibrational evolution.


    When most healing modalities fail you, it can be tough, and in those tough times, turning to transcendental quantum reiki can be transformative. A combination of shamanism, energy healing, quantum physics, and a hint of hypnotherapy, TQR shines a light on those emotions and thoughts that others couldn’t, giving practitioners better insight into how to help you along on your journey to a better tomorrow.

    What you will learn in TQR Level 1

    Train to become a TQR Therapist & Join 5,000 Students, Therapists & Educators:

    • Sacred geometry, higher heart chakra activation, and connection with the supreme energy of love.
    • Understanding the higher heart chakra and the infinite energy of creation.
    • Understanding the ultraviolet flame of life as highly powerful cleansing energy.
    • Understanding sacred geometry and the merkabah of life.
    • Karma Burning and aura cleansing with the merkabah and flame of life.
    • Quantum power affirmations & higher heart chakra activation.
    • A high level of grounding and sheilding (Going to your perfect state of neutrality).
    • 1st T.Q.R attunement and re-awakening.
    • Understanding gravitational waves.
    • Self T.Q.R.
    • Energy diagnosis (intuitive power)
    • Telepathic projection of pure intent from the third eye.
    • How to prepare people to receive T.Q.R through deep trance relaxation methods.
    • Partner T.Q.R.
    • Distant T.Q.R healing and remote viewing.

    Pricing & Details

    Level Course Name Number of Days Pricing
    Level One Transcedental Quantum Reiki Level 1 2 Days AED 1400/- (+5% VAT)
    Level Two Transcedental Quantum Reiki Level 2 2 Days AED 1600/- (+5% VAT)
    Level Three Transcedental Quantum Reiki Level 3 2 Days AED 2000/- (+5% VAT)
    Level Four Transcedental Quantum Reiki Level 4 2 Days AED 2600/- (+5% VAT)


    • Certification from Illuminations Training Centre affiliated with IPHM
    • Course Manuals, Handouts, Pen, Notepad
    • Refreshment Breaks (Coffee/Tea/Water; Morning & Evening Snack)


    Split Your Payments into 4 monthly installments with no interest!

    01 (1)

    01 (1)


    • Book Level 1 & avail of an early bird offer – 10% Discount, applicable for the first 5 clients.
    • Book 3 levels and avail of a 15% Discount!
    • Book all levels and avail of a 20% Discount!

    About the Facilitator:


    Gian Carlo Zazzeri

    World Renowned Quantum & Shamanic Healer

    Gian Carlo Zazzeri is an international Quantum and Shamanic Healer. He is also the founder of a new and revolutionary energetic healing method called Transcendental Quantum Reiki or just simply T.Q.R. His goal is to strike the perfect balance and harmony between science and spirituality!

    At the age of 19, Gian Carlo moved to Italy and later enlisted in the Italian Military Police Force where he remained for 24 years. Initially assigned to the special airborne division, he went on to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major.

    He received sponsorship to complete a bachelor degree in Wellness and Holistic Counselling. He was assigned to work as a practitioner to assist colleagues with psychological issues, veterans and their families. His success here leads to him working with a group of civilian psychologists in an innovative therapeutic program to assist serious offenders in the maximum-security prison in Aosta.

    Whilst in the military, Gian Carlo had the opportunity to collaborate, as a holistic coach and teacher with
    world-renowned speaker and holistic teacher Dr. Roy Martina in Holland and Germany. Dr. Martina clearly recognized Gian Carlo’s unique abilities to channel new, holistic modalities. Great and powerful personal changes began occurring for Gian Carlo, which he realized were communications from his spiritual guides and gradually he understood that his destiny lay beyond the military. A leap of faith saw him leave the military and step into the unknown, trusting only his guides and instincts.


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