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The Link Between Chakra Blocks And Diseases

Most people would naturally assume that a disease or an ailment would probably be caused by factors such as genetics, smoking, erratic eating, etc. But we have come to realize that every choice, thought, every positive and negative outlook and action has an impact upon defining the current health status of our bodies. Positive thoughts can balance your chakras as elaborated by Illuminations Well-being centre in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mirdif. A way to understand this in greater detail would be to learn about the 7 chakras of the human body.

What are the 7 chakras?


Chakras, which mean wheels or discs in Sanskrit, are energy centres in our body that regulate emotional, spiritual and physical health. They are spinning wheels that regulate the flow of our life energy, which in turn directly affect the management of our organs, tissues and overall well-being. The line of chakras begins at the spine and flow upwards until the crown of our head, each having a distinctive color, function and association to various glands and organs. If there’s a mismanagement or blockage in any one of them, the entire energy exchange becomes imbalanced, resulting in the manifestation of a disease or an illness.

You can address the cause of your energetic imbalance with identifying the various interconnections between your chakras and your physical body.

Each chakra has different blocked chakra symptoms and here’s how you can distinguish between them:



This chakra is concerned with your survival instincts such as food, shelter and belonging.

Blockage Symptoms: Frustration and stress induced by external factors, persistent financial stress, feelings of abandonment would be a few of the symptoms experienced here.



This chakra is the source of your sexuality, relationships, creativity and sensation which relates to your reproductive system, kidneys, and bladder; it is essentially your sexual vortex.


Blockage Symptoms: Impotency, reproductive issues, kidney problems and an inability to receive pleasure.



This chakra taps into your feelings regarding yourself, your worth, your willpower and your self-esteem.


 Blockage Symptoms: Ulcers, stomach pains, diabetes, feelings of powerlessness, etc. are some of the commonly seen symptoms.



It involves love, compassion, emotions, forgiveness, safety and trust in our relationships with others and with ourselves.


Blockage Symptoms: Heart and lung diseases, breast problems, shoulder and upper arm pains as well as distrustful and detached emotions are experienced here.



Considering it is located at the throat, it includes communication, expression, leadership and responsibility functions.


Blockage Symptoms: Nervousness, anxiety problems, sore throat and neck, nose and teeth aliments, etc. are seen here.



This is connected to your intuition, perceptiveness, visions and knowledge.


Blockage Symptoms: Headaches, nightmares, vision problems, indecisiveness and tension in your brows.



Your brain and the central nervous system are associated to this chakra. It is responsible for your spiritual enlightenment and divine consciousness.


Blockage Symptoms: A disconnect with your spiritual well-being, aimlessness and loneliness feelings, depression, inability to comprehend, etc. is experienced.

How to Clear Blocked Chakras?

There are a variety of methods you could try to unblock your chakras such as mediation or chakra cleansing sessions. Even if you are looking for a specific type of chakra healing like sacral chakra healing, heart chakra healing or throat chakra healing, IIluminations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mirdif gives you the perfect opportunity to educate and empower yourself  with Chakra healing. You can view how exactly a Chakra Diagnosis takes place with Team Illuminations. Mudras, mantras and jewelry can also help you in opening these chakras. You can shop for a wide range of semiprecious stones and tools like the 7 chakra bracelet or pendulum right here!

What does it feel like when your chakras open? 

When you involve yourself in the process of cleaning blocked chakra, you come across numerous spiritual, emotional and physical benefits. You restore your body’s energy balance one again and repair the stress and frustration your mind and body were subjected to. To know more benefits of Chakra Healing, here’s Team Illuminations explaining it for you!

If you want to experience the balance being restored in your body, book a free 30 minute consultation with Illuminations today! 

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