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Hi, I wanted to write a testimonial for Nazish. I saw Nazishin March for Hypnotherapy - Quit Smoking. I would like to remain confidential, however for any clients I am happy for my phone number and email to be shared, I would happily discuss my experience. Nazish was amazing - she instantly made me feel comfortable and at peace. Her methods were effective and I can say now after 10 weeks I have not smoked.

Nazish is calm, open and not judgmental. If you do one thing - do this!

Thank you Nazish,

L. M.

I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Irina to tackle an extreme fear of flying. After lesson one, I felt an instant improvement and was able to manage my anxiety using the advised techniques. One year on, I am pretty much anxiety free and enjoying flying once again and feels amazing.
Thanks Irina.


D. Russell

I did chakra healing, 3 sessions with Yogmitra and my experience was life changing!
The pain I had in my foot in almost nearly gone, the heaviness and weight I carried on my shoulders and heart are also gone and I feel like a different person, happier, calmer, pain free and glowing! This certainly was one of the best experiences in my life and I'm fortunate enough to have met Yogmitra whom had become an integral part of my life 🙂 i will for sure be taking many many more sessions with him as his talent is unending!
Thank you Yogmitra for sharing your gift with me

Dania A

I have come across the energy healing sphere couple of years ago, and have tried with different healers and mediums, but can say with confidence that the leap that Bianca had in my life was unmatchable, and I am so lucky to have come across her. Her deep insights into the works of the soul, her thorough understanding on what holistic well-being means, her genuine interest to make you feel uplifted and empowered, and her extreme patience and dedication to give every session her all have transformed many aspects of my life and taken me on a steep self-healing journey. Thank you again for the opportunity to be guided by amazing Bianca.

Client Testimonial

"I had severe pain under my left ribcage and I was treated by Nazish Khan through Hypnotherapy and felt better in just one session. Later the treatment was followed by psychotherapy and Access Talk to the Entities. I am very changed person now."

Shazia Khan

I had treatment with Sarmistha and I just loved it.
I loved her first of all, the way she approach the patient is amazing!!! The time spend has been super helpful, couldn’t have asked for better one

Our Happy Client

I have always enjoyed my sessions with Bharti. She gives me clarity. Thank you Bharti for the lovely and useful session.

M. Goenka

I wanted to send a message to Namraata to say thank you for what was only an hour with you but helped a great deal to recollect my head space. I'm in a much better position mentally, work is no longer feeling so tiring or exhaustive. I'd like to come and see you after my first event is over in March. For now, this is just a simple message to say thank you.

Jamie H.

I met Michelle for guidance reading. I had no expectations and I was amazed, deeply touched by the positive impact she had on me in only 20mins.Her kind soul, her straightforwardness, she was able to give me the confidence I need and direction in only 20 mins - it's incredible!Definitely, can't wait to see her again. All her insights were spot on but she gives you more than that. And I highly recommend anyone who seeks clarity to see her.

A. G.

I had Guided Reading session with Yogmitra. Thank you much for a wonderful experience. I felt liberated from my stress and worries. You have enlighten me a lot. I really needed your advice to love myself. It was very nice to meet you and hope to see you again soon.


My sessions with Jorge were brilliant. He is an exceptional young man who made me feel very at ease and explained very clearly what his treatments do. The sessions themselves were very relaxing and he was spot on when picking up problem areas. His advice after the first session was most helpful and by the end of my three sessions, I am feeling significantly better.

Lydia T.

"A session with Richa is alternate healing at its best. Her gentle touch and pleasant smile cures half the problem before starting the session. Totally recommend!"

Sushil B

My experience doing Hypnotherapy with Sarmistha has been life changing. She was instrumental in helping me identify my subconscious triggers and deal with them clearly and maturely. She helped me understand why I was behaving a certain way and equipped me with the right tools to re program all of the negativity to positivity. I couldn’t recommend her more, as she has been so knowledgeable and helpful and is truly such a guiding force.

Natalie C.

I would like to register here my gratitude towards Deepa Arora. I attended first a Law of Attraction meditation and later workshop with her. I have no better words to describe than AMAZING. Deepa is a lovely soul, full of love, a given person who is there clearly to help everyone who is ready to continue the journey.

Vivian S

We had consultation with Irina and we really enjoyed it. Irina is very professional in her field and she knows the answers to all questions. We liked that she is not that type of the consultant who just does coaching, she gives clear directions, advice straight to the point and it is great because you can apply it within your relationship; we liked Irina a lot and we will come back again.

Valeriya S.