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How Inner Child healing can help you overcome loneliness during Social Isolation: Covid-19

Traumatic incidents that occurred in our childhood, stay embedded and suppressed in our subconscious and resurface in our adult life when triggered by the environment. COVID19, with its immense impact on every aspect of our lives, surely has triggered and awakened in many of us those buried wounds. Though we are connected virtually more than ever, many of us will...


Sound Healing: Just Another Noisy Trend?

Sound Therapy may appear to be intimidating and fancy but it is not as unknown as you would imagine. We’ve all self-medicated through sounds at least once before, haven’t we? There’s the ‘Run Wild’ playlist to keep your energy up during a workout session or listening to an ‘Unwind’ playlist after a long day of work. Sound is omnipresent; it...


Popular Holistic Healing Approaches at Illuminations Well-Being Center!

Healing is the new buzz word and more people are becoming aware of different holistic healing methods to work on a range of issues from physical, mental and emotional stress. Holistic healing treats the symptoms as a whole; mind, body and energy. This is not a direct replacement of conventional medicines and approaches but more like an add-on for better...