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Looking to make a career change, or wish to enhance your holistic healing practice? Explore the Power of Sound & it’s ability to heal & cleanse the mind, body, energy and enhance one’s spiritual experience. Sound has been used as a powerful healing approach for centuries and has the ability to literally wash away your stress!

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    About Sound Healing:

    Sound Healing & Vibrational Therapy is a powerful form of energy medicine based on bio-resonance to shift the patterns of vibration and frequency in the human body. When the current frequency that the individual vibrates with is disturbed, it causes physical, emotional and mental breakdown.

    Sound Healing Therapy is the process of implementing singing bowls on body work for therapeutic use to increase in parasympathetic nervous system activity and decrease in sympathetic nervous system drive. The relaxation response is initiated and the stress response is inhibited. This means autonomic nervous system becomes balanced which is the start of body’s recovery process from different kinds of ailments or issues, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

    International Certifications & Affiliations

    The World’s Most Renowned Institute for Sound Healing (Germany)

    The World’s Most Renowned Institute for Sound Healing (Germany)

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    About Peter Hess Institut:

    In 1984, the former physical technology engineer, Peter Hess, began to develop what today is referred to as the Peter Hess Sound Massage and Sound Methods. In his search for alternative healing methods he traveled on more than one occasion to India,Nepal, and Tibet. It was during these trips when he was first introduced to healing with sound. Today, the Peter Hess® Sound Massage is used successfully by many professionals in the fields of education, counseling, therapy and medicine. The comprehensive training courses offered by the Peter Hess Institute range from beginners to advanced to highly specialized training and reflect the many possibilities of how sound massage, sound methods, and singing bowls can be integrated into professional areas— ranging from childbirth to student counseling, relaxation to stress prevention, coaching and therapy all the way to accompaniment of death.

    Benefits of Sound Healing:

    What can a person benefit from a Sound Healing Session?

    Sound massage is based on ancient knowledge concerning the effect of sounds that was applied in Indian healing therapy as long as more than 5000 years ago. According to Eastern ideas man was created out of sound, i.e. he is sound. If a human being is “in tune” with himself and his environment, then he or she is able to arrange his/her life freely and creatively.

    The following are the benefits of Sound Healing:

    • Fast achievement of deep relaxation, since the sounds appeal to a person’s original trust.
    • Gentle massage and harmonization of each individual body cell through sound.
    • Relief of tensions and blockages in the body.
    • The client experiences his body to be pleasantly light and vibrating freely.
    • Reinforcement of self-healing forces.
    • Positive influence on self-confidence, creativity and productive energy
    • Attainment of renewed joie de vivre.
    • Letting go of old patterns – a new order can evolve.

    About The Curriculum

    The Curriculum, Levels & Pricing:

    Course Name Number of Days Pricing Pre-requisite
    Level I & II PRO 3 Days AED 2900/- + 5%VAT NA

    About The Curriculum

    The aim of this course is to convey the Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Therapy as a holistic method and to familiarize participants with basic principles of the Tibetan Tones® Vibrational Sound Therapy. You will have the opportunity to experience the whole process on yourself, receive your first instructions in VST application and as a result you will be able to independently perform the VST for Private & Professional use.

    The purpose of this Level II training is to widen the application of VST from body to the non-material environment, i.e. bioenergetics field (aura). To encourage, refine and emphasize your awareness and appreciation of this area. To expand your sensitivity to this realm of being and to the sound. We also focus on the “power of consciousness”, the mental focus and inner attitude which is the base of the wholeness of our method and our actions as a VST practitioner.

    In various exercises you will learn the effect of sound.

    You receive and give a professional Vibrational Sound Therapy for:

    • The Full back & Front
    • Feet
    • Hands
    • The whole body
    • Use of Singing Bowls and Gongs around the body.
    • Meditation & Self Care Use
    • Group sound meditation Use
    • Various techniques to use singing bowls on aged and special need people
    • How to use them on people with wheel chair and those who cannot lying down.


    Peter Hess Institut Germany

    The certificate will be issued by the Peter Hess Institut Germany which certifies you as someone who trained under the curriculum that is built by Peter Hess himself.


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