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Sound Healing: Just Another Noisy Trend?

Sound Therapy may appear to be intimidating and fancy but it is not as unknown as you would imagine. We’ve all self-medicated through sounds at least once before, haven’t we? There’s the ‘Run Wild’ playlist to keep your energy up during a workout session or listening to an ‘Unwind’ playlist after a long day of work. Sound is omnipresent; it is used as a form of expression or a healing tool by everyone.

What is Sound Healing?


Throughout the eras of ancient history, people have believed in the benefits of using sound to heal, repair and transform the body and the mind. Each person’s energy is based on certain frequencies or vibrations of sound. During a Sound Healing Meditation workshop, you regulate the rhythm and frequency of sound, just like you do with rhythmic breathing. These regulations align your brainwaves to certain frequencies which cause positive physiological reactions. The release of nitric oxide influences pain signals and increases blood flow which, in turn, helps facilitate healing.

How does Sound Therapy work?


The individual is induced in a relaxed, trance-like state through which they are transported to a meditative mental state. At this cellular level, the mind, body and spirit are open to healing along with the vibrations and sounds surrounding them. Sound Baths are used to be present on a semi-consciousness, higher plane and tune out the surrounding noise. The harmonious sounds slow down the heart rate as well as the breathing rate to synchronize the vibrations of the instruments sent to the brainwaves.  An assortment of tools and instruments can be used to induce individuals in this state: tuned Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Gongs, crystal quartz bowls, healing chimes, etc.

How does Sound Therapy help?


Various conditions can be treated with Vibrational Sound Healing such as chronic pain illnesses, stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, PTSD, etc. Studies have shown that music therapy aids in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms. Music intervention had significant effects on decreasing pain as well. The benefits of methods such as Gong Bath Meditation and Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation among others, include restoring of the imbalance between the chakras, resolving deep, traumatic issues and many other benefits that are listed out here, by Team Illuminations.

How does one begin exploring Sound Therapy in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Illuminations Well being centre in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mirdif, has a plethora of options relating to Sound Therapy and Healing. Muffle out the daily noise in your life and initiate your healing process with sound with private consultations or healing meditations in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.  You can explore Tibetan Sound Healing as well to help yourself and your friends by becoming a certified Sound Healer at Illuminations, in association with the Peter Hess Institute. Sound Healing adds more to your life than just noise. To know more about this fluid technique, head to our website and explore a lot more!

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