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Quit Smoking & De-Addiction Therapy

Our Therapy to Quit Smoking offers you the safest, powerful, non-invasive and most effective methods.
Finally, a Program that works with a 90% success rate!

  Are you a heavy smoker? Have you tried to quite many times and failed?

  Do you believe you can never do without it?

  Do you feel you have no will power to quit?

  Do you feel it’s too late to quit?

Book A Free Consultation & Learn How You Can
Quit Smoking Effectively & Permanently!

    Therapy to Quit Smoking

    There is no time like now to free yourself from all addictive behavior patterns that limit your quality of life! This powerful Therapy to Quit Smoking, which has a 90% success rate will aim to help you quit smoking naturally!

    Through our “Quit Smoking & De-addiction Therapy Program” at Illuminations Dubai, we offer you the safest, powerful, non-invasive and most effective methods by combining the best of integrative medicine and holistic healing methods to free you from all addictive behavior patterns.

    Holistic healing aims to identify the root cause of negative behavior patterns we form in order to deal with the ever-increasing stress, and release it through a mind, body and energy approach for permanent relief!

    No Side Effects

    No Weight Gain

    No Withdrawal Symptoms

    Our Smoking Cessation & De-Addiction Package Includes:

    •   1 Free 30 Minute Consultation to determine if you are ready for the program. The Therapist will only proceed with the program should they during the Q& A that you are prepared to quit.
    •   5 Therapy Appointments – 1 Hour Each
    •   1 Free Follow Up Sessions 45 Minutes Each for Dealing with Withdrawal Symptoms, Cravings and Coping Mechanisms
    •   Audio Support Material
    •   Holistic Healing Tips & Tools for Daily Stress Management

    Approaches Include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Scientifically Proven Methods for Desensitization, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Techniques for Stress Management.

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