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Counseling & Therapy for Relationship Issues

Every relationship can require a little guidance to weather the difficult times. Illuminations’ Relationship Therapy & Healing Programme can aid you in understanding and resolving the issues threatening your relationship. It can also help create a healthy, empowering and fulfilling relationship!

 What to Expect From Marriage Counselling

  Signs You Might Need Couples Counselling

  What is the Difference Between Marriage and Divorce Counselling?

Where Can I Find Marriage Counsellors Near Me?

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    Relationship Healing

    What to Expect from Marriage Counselling?

    An increasing number of people are seeking couples counselling in Dubai. It can be beneficial in breathing life back into strained relationships, or for individuals who have decided to end their relationship. It can also help those who are on the lookout for suitable partners.

    Relationship counselling can help you identify and understand the problems plaguing your relationship. Discussing issues in a safe space, with a professionally trained therapist can help you gain perspective, and understand the frame of reference of your partner. This is turn makes arriving at solutions easier. Counseling can also assist in increasing self-esteem, which has been shown to have a positive impact on relationships.

    Signs You Might Need Couples Counselling

    1. Almost every conversation leads to a fight
    2. The same problems keep coming up
    3. You pretend like everything is fine
    4. You want different things from your life… and the relationship
    5. You’re considering having an affair
    6. You’re dreaming of a ‘healthier’ relationship

    The above list contains just a few signs of marital distress. If you’re experiencing any of these it is imperative to seek professional help. Research has shown that marital counselling is most effective when the issues are addressed early on.

    What is the Difference Between Marriage and Divorce Counselling?

    Divorce Counselling is a type of marriage counselling which deals with couples who are either on the verge of separating or are dealing with the consequences of a divorce. This form of therapy focuses on helping the individuals adjust to their new lives, and deal with the stress of the separation. In the case of couples who are considering a divorce, therapists help them understand the gravity of the situation and prepare them for the changes that will follow.

    Where Can I Find Marriage Counsellors Near Me?

    If you live in or around Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Mirdif, Illuminations Well Being Centre has a host of qualified relationship therapists who can help you make the necessary mental, emotional and behavioral changes required to overcome your relationship issues.

    Relationship Healing & Therapy Solutions:

    Our Relationship Program guides you on a journey of awareness, healing and acceptance in order to experience fulfilling and happier relationships.

    Illuminations Relationship Therapy & Healing Sessions focuses on counselling for the following individuals:

    •   Couples in Crisis: People looking to manage and bring alive their current relationship.
    •  People who have decided to end a relationship.
    •   People who are struggling to find a potential suitable partner.

    At Illuminations, we integrate the most powerful & effect self-development tools combined with holistic healing approaches to guide you towards relationship resolution:

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    •  Identify & Release Subconscious Belief Systems
    • Identifying & Releasing Limiting & Toxic Emotions: anger, hurt, fear of loneliness, guilt and rejection.
    •   Reprogramming thought & Behavior Patterns & Positive Based Suggestion Work
    •  Age Regression & Inner Child Integration.
    •   Cognitive Coaching to Identify Goals & Values.
    •   *Optional: Spiritual Healing: Forgiveness, Understanding Karmic Contracts, Cord Cutting)
      Energy Healing Energetic Processes to address & Heal On the Cellular Memory, Soul & Metaphysical (Karmic Contracts, Forgiveness & Energy Exchange, Cord Cutting & Past Life)

    Approaches Include: Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Energy Healing & Cleansing, Spiritual Healing, Psychotherapy & Counseling.
    Clients would require 3 – 5 sessions to resolve the above issue.
    Clients can avail single sessions or avail the benefits of our discount packages!
    Discounts Include: Package of 3 (5% discount) Package of 5 (10% discount) Package of 10 (15% Discount)

    Our Packages Include:

    • 1 Free 30 Minute Consultation
    • Treatment Packages of 3, 5 or 10 sessions recommended by the practitioner with special discounts and offers
    • MP3 Audio or Hand Outs offering tools and techniques for daily practice and lifestyle changes

    **Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual.

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