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Counseling & Therapy For Children & Teenagers

By building excellent rapport and trust with your child or teen, our therapy solutions help them to resolve their issues so they can flourish & feel positive, happy & confident.

  Is your child suffering from anxiety, stress or fear?

  Is your child struggling with loss, fear or rejection issues?

  Is your child being bullied at school or facing peer pressures?

  Is your child undergoing learning difficulties at school?

  Is your child having to face loss? (Death, Health, Divorce)

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    Therapy for your Child/Teen

    Upon witnessing thousands of cases from over 18,000 clients at the Illuminations center, it is safe to conclude that most of the issues we face in our adult life can be traced back to our childhood!
    Therefore, we always encourage parents and caretakers to avail therapy and counseling for their children and teenagers, so they can address & resolve issues when they arise in early years. By doing so, it prevents it from surfacing in adult life as inner conflicts relating to lack of self-worth, self-esteem & confidence

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    If unresolved issues in childhood are left unaddressed, it can negatively influence their perception of how they view themselves & the world around them.

    Overcoming and proactively dealing with issues at a young age will empower children to grow into powerful young adults, full of limitless possibilities whilst adopting a fearless attitude and positive mindset.

    Our qualified therapists will identify triggers from thought patterns, emotional responses & belief systems, influenced by the environment, parental programming and social conditioning and tackle them accordingly.

    Child & Teen Therapy & Counseling Solutions:

    At Illuminations, we integrate the most powerful & effect self-development tools combined with holistic healing approaches to resolve issues for your child & teens. The goals of Child & Teen Therapy involve the following:

    •   Identifying & Releasing Limiting Subconscious Belief Systems
    •   Identifying & Releasing Limiting & Toxic Emotions: anger, hurt, fear of loneliness, guilt and rejection.
    •   Reprogramming thought & Behavior Patterns & Positive Based Suggestion Work
    •   Age Regression & Inner Child Integration
    •   Emotional Management Techniques
    •   Cognitive Behavioral Coaching to Identify Goals & Values

    Approaches Include: Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy & Counseling

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