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You have the problem? We have the therapy Solution! Through combining the most powerful holistic healing methods, we help you reach your resolution!

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    ABOUT Therapy Solutions

    At Illuminations we offer a wide range of therapy solution programs and packages for common issues that we often find difficult to tackle on our own.
    Our qualified professionals provide a tailor made program which integrates the most powerful & effect self-development tools combined with holistic healing approaches to guide you towards resolution.
    These approaches are natural, effective, and focus on permanent resolution rather than temporary cure.
    It’s important to seek professional help to resolve these issues at their early stages. Mental Healthcare is new the 21st century solution for increased longevity, wellbeing and happiness.

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    Our Relationship Therapy Program guides you to dissolve conflicts and complexities surrounding relationships in order to create space for a healthy, empowering and fulfilling relationship!

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    At Illuminations, we offer the most powerful and effective Stress Management Therapy to release your stress and tension in order to feel, happier, healthier & more productive!

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    Getting a good sleep is vital to your health, but many people don’t get enough. At Illuminations, we create therapy programs personalized for you to address your sleep issue.

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    Anger is just one letter short of DANGER! Take control of your temper before it takes control of you.

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    Child & Teen

    By building excellent rapport and trust with your child or teen, our Child & Teen Therapy solutions help them to resolve their issues so they can flourish & feel positive, happy & confident.

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    Our Therapy to Quit Smoking offers you the safest, powerful, non-invasive and most effective methods. Finally, a Program that works with a 90% success rate!

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    Our holistic weight loss therapy program combines the most powerful holistic and natural healing methods to help you lose weight, with effective & long term results.

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    Fears & Phobias

    Our Qualified Therapists offer the most powerful & effective approaches and strategies to manage fears & phobias that keep you stuck in life!

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    Overcome Your Anxiety Disorder, Regain Control of Your Life & Experience A Life with Calmness & Balance! Avail the best therapy to resolve your anxiety and panic attacks with our qualified therapists at Illuminations.

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    Aches & Pains

    Heal Your Chronic Ache or Pain naturally, effectively, non-invasively and permanently through our natural, holistic approach to therapy as a whole—body, mind and energy/emotions.

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    At Illuminations, we offer safe, effective, natural and alternative therapy treatments to resolve depression and mental health issues for you and your loved ones. It’s time to avail our non-invasive approaches & take charge of life!

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