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Zinnia H Bharucha

Title: Holistic Psychologist and Relationship Counselor

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy tools and techniques

– Inner Child resolution methods for healing and releasing trauma

– Reiki with Pranic and crystal healing especially for physical aches and pains

– Pyra Vastu of properties including homes and factories as well as spaces open for construction. Pyramid Vastu involves no breakage and physical alteration. Virtual shifting of energy is done as per the correct directions thus reducing monetary cost, time and inducing speedy growth

– Family Constellation and Systemic Constellation for releasing blockages in the family lineage and for the harmonious work environment

– Tarot/Oracle Card guidance for making the right decisions and wise choices in life

– Basic Shamanism and Angel meditation for soul evolution and growth


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– Channeling higher-self contact with the client for answering specific questions and life purpose

– Psychological tools and techniques for mental health empowerment and growth

– Stress release and relaxation tools

– Cognitive Behaviour Therapy techniques for dealing with the conscious mind

– Counseling

– Basic Art based Therapy such as the use of Mandalas to identify and heal the inner hurt, pain, etc

Languages Spoken: English, Gujarati and Hindi

Nationality: Indian

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Psychologist specialising in Mental Health

– Counsellor

– Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist

– EKAA certified Hypnotherapy Level 1 Trainer

– Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

– Inner Child Resolution Healer

– Usui Reiki Master and Teacher for Levels 1 and 2

– Pyra Vastu Consultant

– Tarot/Oracle Card reader

– Family and Systemic Constellations practitioner

– Psychic Channel



– She has been invited as a motivational speaker and therapist by various educational institutions such as international schools and institutes and conducted empowering workshops for students, parents and teachers.

–  She has also worked as an intern with Sunshine Care Inpatient Unit in London which catered to multiple Schizophrenic patients, patients with Depression etc.

– She also alternatively worked as an intern with multiple NGOs such as Jyotisangh, Prabhat Foundation etc that dealt majorly with Down Syndrome patients and other patients with mental health issues. She also imparted her services as a psychology teacher with an international school.

– Provided education to Blind Women and helped improve their communication skills as well as provided moral and emotional support.



– 2003-2004 Reiki Level 1 & 2 learnt

–  2004-2005 Reiki Level 3 learnt

–  2010-2011 Basic Shamanism

–  2011-2014 Bachelors in Psychology with distinction (BA)

–  2011-2012 Basic Angel Healing Course

– 2012-2013 Undertook her first research study on, “Depression in working and non- working single and married women”

– 2012-2013 Provided education to Blind Women and helped improve their communication skills as well as provided moral and emotional support

– 2013-2014 Undertook personality growth-oriented program in Counselling

– 2013-2014 Channeling for client’s issues and bringing issue resolution via Family and Systemic Constellations

– 2014-2015 MSc in Mental Health Psychology from King’s College London

– 2014-15 Completed Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy-EKAA Foundation Mumbai

– 2014-2015 Internship as health worker in-Sunshine Care Inpatient Centre (recovery unit) in London for Schizophrenics and other outpatients suffering from mental health issues

– 2015-2019 Co-owner and Manager at Holistic Solutions

– 2015-2016 Received 1 st publication in the worldwide famous scientific research journal of Rational and Emotive Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which can be accessed by anyone

– 2016-2019 Channeling for client’s issues via higher-self contact

– 2017-2018 Beck’s ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Basics and Beyond’, certificate course from USA

– 2017-2019 Second Master (MA) in Counselling (IGNOU) with distinction

– 2017-2019 Inner Child healing with Trisha Caetano

– 2017-2019 Started working as Mental Health Consultant on online emotional wellness website ‘Your dost’

– 2017-2019 Conducted empowering and counseling workshops for students, parents, and teachers at various schools and colleges

– 2017-2019 Pyra Vastu Consultant for offices and homes

– 2017-2019 Tarot/ Oracle Card reading

– 2018-2019 Certificate course in Counselling and gender sensitization with NGO Jyotisangh

– 2018-2019 Mentor with EKAA foundation under mentorship program for students aiming to be future Hypnotherapists

– 2018-2019 Reiki Master attuning and teaching level 1 and 2

– 2018-2019 Hypnotherapy Level 1 Trainer with EKAA

– 2019 Co-conducted 1 st International Mental Health Conference in Gujarat bringing psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health consultants and alternative therapists on a common platform with more than 450+ participants and 120+ research papers



Publications and Research Papers 

– Role of Positive Mental Attitude in Procrastination (2018)

The paper focuses on determining the role of attitude and thinking affecting an individual’s behavior. The paper was presented in National Seminar on Pedagogy as requisite to make counseling psychology a promising profession in India in St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad.

– The Role of Culture in relation to Depression Levels amongst women (2018)

The paper focuses on the role of culture by investigating and measuring the depression levels of women in rural and urban areas of Gujarat state in India. The paper was presented in the second Fortis Annual Psychology Conference on culture in psychology in Gurgaon Delhi.

– The Unintentional Procrastination Scale (August 11, 2016, Springer USA)

The study focuses on the role and effect of metacognitions in individuals. It was first presented in 2016 and published in the world-renowned scientific journal of Rational Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Access it here: //

– Metacognitions, Emotional distress and Procrastination (2015)

Research study here focuses on the role of procrastination in individual’s behaviour.

Metacognitions i.e. positive and negative beliefs and their influence on procrastination are looked at in an individual.

– Hypno-Reiki a tool to Boost Academic Performance (2015)

A paper focusing on the role of alternative therapies used to boost the academic performance of students. The paper was presented in the National Psychology conference held in Gujarat Law Society (GLS) Ahmedabad Gujarat.

– Mental Health Problems Among Working Women (2013)

A paper investigating the stress levels among working married and single women and performing a comparative study on the same. The paper was presented in the national and international conference of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology (IAAP) in Dharwar Karnataka.

– Anxiety, Depression and Stress and their effects in Working, Single and married women (2012)

The study focuses on whether there is a difference experienced in the stress, anxiety, and depression levels amongst working women based on their relationship status.



– Her research paper on Metacognition and Procrastination was published in one of the topmost worldwide scientific journals Rational-Emotive and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which can be accessed by anyone free of cost

– She was also featured as a therapist and mental health consultant in the popular local social media group ‘Amdavadis’ that highlights young achievers in Ahmedabad city

– Her successful cases have been featured multiple times in the EKAA monthly newsletter as ‘success story of the month’

– Featured in the local Gujarati newspaper ‘Gujarat Samachar’ as a budding healer and therapist coming from a family involved in holistic healing since the past three decades


To provide the right healing techniques, support and environment to nurture individuals, and organizations to Holistic Health, Wealth and Happiness.


– CBT scholarship by Beck Institute (2018).

– Lion’s Club Award Jodhpur for Alternative Healer (2016).

– Award for Best Scientific paper in Research Conference held in GLS Gujarat (2013).

– J N Tata Scholarship award for academic achiever (2014).

About Zinnia:

Zinnia H Bharucha is a Holistic Psychologist and Relationship counsellor who has been helping individuals heal and reach their highest potential by working on issues and problems faced at physical, mental and emotional levels in their career, relationships, finance and health.

She is the co-owner of Holistic Solutions a premier organization in India providing healing and training to individuals and businesses for their overall growth and development.

As a global therapist, trainer and mentor she uses a powerful spiritual integration of psychological tools and techniques like counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, art based therapy and non-dominant Hand work along-with highly advanced healing modalities such as Clinical Hypnotherapy, Inner Child Regression, Reiki, Pranic, Tarot, Breathwork, Mindfulness and more.

She has found that using such highly psychological and scientific tools helps work excellently with the conscious/rational mind and powerful deep healing modalities work wonderfully with healing the body and subconscious mind.

She specializes in resolution for mental health issues faced such as anxiety, stress, depression, addiction etc. by working on the triggering factors faced by an individual internally and from their environment. As a relationship counsellor she focuses on eliminating blocks and toxic patterns and trauma faced by individuals and couples helping them strengthen their bond & break free from abusive relationships.

Each session offline or online with her is carefully designed and customized based on your individual needs and issues. She targets the very core issue by working with your mind and it’s limiting beliefs as well as your body bringing faster speedier and deeper resolution. Every offline and online workshop and meditation is structured in an easy to understand and systematic manner helping you heal and do the inner work easily.

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