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Title: Tuning Fork Therapy MENA Master Trainer

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Physical healing and pain relief

– Emotional healing for (depression, grief, anger, stress…)

– Facial beauty and antiaging therapy

– Energy rebalancing and Cleansing

– Astrology and planetary healing

Services Offered:

– Private Consultations one to one healing

– Certified Training Programs

– Half day Workshops

– Meditations and sound healing

Languages Spoken: English & Arabic

Nationality: Egyptian


Certifications & Qualifications:

– Tuning fork therapy regional representative and Master trainer, US.

– Tuning fork therapy senior practitioner, US.

– Certified spiritual counsellor, IACET.

– Crystal healer, Pranic healing school, Philippine.

– META EFT practitioner, UK.

– Master’s degree, Cairo University, Egypt.

About Zeinab:

Zeinab is a Tuning Forks therapy MENA master trainer since 2020, she is the first one to introduce Tuning Forks Therapy to Egypt and Middle East through organizing courses and workshops since 2017, She conducted many training programs, and workshops with the aim to spread the knowledge and awareness for this useful type of sound healing in the Middle East.

She is also certified as a spiritual counselor, Crystal healer, psychotherapist, and more, as she is passionate about helping individuals to find their paths in life, to balance their mental and emotional sides, and to release obstacles to success and develop in their career and family life. So, she made hundreds of private consultations which helped her clients with physical, Emotional, and spiritual issues to discover and release the root cause of the problem.

About her school Tuning Fork Therapy ® is a natural therapy using sound waves with specific frequency. It is a perfect mix between physics (science) and energy healing (holistic healing), Tuning fork therapy has been increasingly valued in recent years. All over the world, it is used by special professionals to adjust the physical condition. It has a quick and obvious effect on removing pain and relaxing muscles. It is generally used with acupuncture points. As for mind energy, it can purify or boost the body's energy field. The purification of space, through the vibration emitted by the tone fork, generates natural therapeutic power, harmonizing the emotional problems of the body and mind.

The sound wave vibration of the fork can enter the body according to the energy pipe, stimulate and coordinate the body balance, adjust the human gas field and increase the inner harmony.

The Certificate Course uses materials to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of sound and vibration frequency, and is applied to body and mind healing, can be performed alone or in conjunction with access bars, massage, acupuncture, beauty, hypnosis, angels, crystals, and other energy treatments.

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