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Tamara Coelho

Title: Integrative Energetic, Quantum Bodywork and Regeneration Therapist

Holistic Approaches Include:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

– Radiesthesia Therapy 

– Reiki Healing

– Access Bars Therapy

Services Offered:

Tamara integrates a variety of healing modalities into her practice, including:

– Energy Clearing Reiki

– Chinese Medicine

– Acupressure Massage

– Energetics Diagnosis through Universal Pendulum Therapy

This powerful combination clears and unblocks body systems and energetic pathways, offering relief from chronic aches, emotional imbalances, and low energy levels.

Benefits of Tamara’s Therapy:

Somatic Release: Experience deep relaxation and renewed energy.

Root Cause Healing: Address chronic aches and pains at their origin.

Nervous System Regulation: Achieve a balanced and calm state of being.

Languages Spoken: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Nationality: Brazilian

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Access Bars | United Arab Emirates
Miracles wellness Dubai | Nov 2022

– Radiesthesia & Radionics | Brazil
Portal Prosperidade | Feb 2022

– Essential Oil Therapy | Brazil
Universidade Gotas da Terra | Sep 2021

– Brazilian Phytotherapy | Brazil
Sol Instituto | Aug 2021 – Oct 2021

– Acupuncture & Energetic Physiology | Brazil
Centro Benessere | May 2020

– Dry & Wet Cupping Therapy | Brazil
Instituto Mineiro de Acupuntura e Massagem | Mar 2020

– Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine – Post Graduation | Brazil
Sol Instituto – FATEC – PR | Mar 2019 – Jun 2021

– Reiki Levels 1 & 2 – Mikao Usui System| Brazil
Master Marcone Oliveira | Aug 2014

– International Certification from ABRATH under the registration: CRTH-BR 11880

Tamara Coelho

About Tamara Coelho:

Tamara Coelho, a passionate practitioner of holistic healing, joins Illuminations with her unique approach to Quantum Bodywork and Regeneration Therapy. With a background deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques, Tamara offers a transformative healing experience that addresses the body, mind, and spirit.

Tamara’s Healing Philosophy:
The Body Never Lies: Tamara believes our bodies hold the key to our memories, emotions, and experiences. Pain is not just a symptom but a guide that reveals deeper layers of our being, leading to profound healing and transformation.

Pain as a Gateway: Chronic aches and emotional turmoil are seen as opportunities for deeper healing. By addressing these with compassion, Tamara helps release tension and blockages, allowing for true regeneration.

Miracles through Alignment: Aligning energy, emotions, and the body creates space for miraculous transformations. Tamara’s integrative approach ensures that every session is a step towards achieving this harmony.

Stored Experiences: Every experience leaves an imprint on the body. By identifying the root causes and addressing them with care, Tamara facilitates the release of these imprints, promoting holistic well-being.

Tamara’s Journey and Expertise:
Enthusiastic about ancient wisdom, Tamara has always been immersed in the philosophical knowledge of classical civilizations such as Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian. Her journey into holistic therapies began nearly a decade ago with Reiki Usui. However, it was her personal struggle with a chronic illness, which conventional medicine could not fully address, that led her to delve deeply into complementary therapies.

Tamara pursued Post Graduation studies in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, mastering techniques like Acupressure, Colorpuncture, Tuina massage, Auriculotherapy, Gua Sha, and Cupping. She further expanded her expertise with Brazilian phytotherapy, Essential Oils, and Radiesthesia & Radionics, developing her pioneering healing method.

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