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Sonia Gonzalez

Title: Sound Healing Trainer and Shamanic Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Sound Healing Therapy

– Vibro-acoustic Massage Therapy

– Reiki Healing

– Full Body Voice Activation

– Shamanic Sound Healing Therapy

– Sound Healing and Storytelling Therapy (for Children and Parents)

Services Offered:

– Private Consultations – Sound Healing, Voice Activation, Reiki Healing, Bio-well Energy Readings

– Certified Training Programs: Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Sound Alchemy and the Healing Voice Training

– Cacao Ceremonies

– Full Moon and New Moon Ceremonies

– Fire Ceremonies

– Chakra Toning Sound Healing

– Shamanic Sound Journeys

– Celestial Sound Journeys

– Sound Healing Concerts

– Corporate Sound Relaxation Experiences

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

Nationality: Venezuelan


Certifications & Qualifications:

– Certified Pranic Healing from MCKS Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Trust of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

– Sound Alchemy Teacher, Sonic Love Alchemy USA, Indonesia

– Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Institute of Venezuela, Canada

– Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing Practitioner, Ascension Platforms, UAE

– Vibro-acoustic Massage Practitioner, Sound Yoga Russia, UAE

– Bio-Well Readings Practitioner, Bio-Well USA, Online

– Music Performance Diploma, Mention: Singing, Trinity College of London, UAE

– MBA, IESA, Venezuela

– Master in Marketing, IESA, Venezuela

– Mechanical Engineer, Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela

– Published Author Book “Bailando con Hashimoto” (Dancing with Hashimoto) where she shares her healing journey after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

About Sonia Gonzalez:

Sonia is a certified Sound Alchemy Master and Reiki Master Teacher, with vast experience in conducting remarkable sonic journeys for relaxation, healing and recognition of the true inner resonance. Sonia’s offerings are unique as she combines several Sound Healing instruments with chanting, body movement, art, breathwork, and Shamanic Ceremonies.

Being a Mechanical Engineer and a professional Musician she delves into both the science and art of Sound Healing, bringing this combined wisdom into her teachings and workshops. One of her soul’s missions is helping others to discover their unique voices through special processes of toning and spiritual connection. By understanding how sound is produced within the body her clients are able to overcome fears of speaking or singing, and to share their voices with others for healing and positive transformation.

Sonia offers energy readings with the Bio-Well device in combination with Sound Treatment. This is a holistic approach to healing where the actual energy levels of chakras, meridians, systems, and organs are obtained and the possible causes of illness understood, being physical, emotional or mental in nature. The reading is followed by a Sound Treatment that focuses on the specific areas of distress. This is a powerful process for anybody with special emphasis for those suffering from chronic diseases.

Sonia is passionate about teaching Sound Healing, her trainings are often life changing experiences. After being able to reverse her own Hashimoto’s autoimmune condition she is a living example of the power of sound to align us with our highest state of being. She shares her healing journey in her published book “Bailando con Hashimoto” (Dancing with Hashimoto).

Sonia has brought the experience of Sound Healing into the corporate sector presenting this amazing well-being modality to many UAE Government Departments, International Schools, and Companies.

Sonia is the proud mom of three gentlemen whose careers and passions include both mathematics and art in different forms. She loves exploring the creative vegan cuisine leaving out of the plate gluten, cereals and legumes, creating nevertheless delicious dishes and desserts. She adores her two cats Hershey and Peachy.

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