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Silvia Natale is a Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach. She is passionate about empowering individuals to live a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life!

Holding a Masters in Engineering, a Degree in Education and an accreditation as a Life Coach with Center for Coaching Certification (U.S.), Silvia started her path as a holistic professional wanting to reunite scientific evidence with spiritual perspective. She knew she wanted to share only what truly works and can be developed by anybody willing to commit themselves to the practice.

When she started practicing mindfulness she understood that this is what satisfied both her rational, scientifically-grounded brain and her soul’s innermost longing for answers. After 15 years of teaching and learning, she trained with the world-renowned Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in Bangor University (UK) to share these ancient skills with all wanting to learn.

Happiness stems from a combination of inner harmony – our minds, body and soul – and personal growth – the achievement of our outer goals. Mindfulness gives us the skills of growing lasting, life-long inner harmony, stemming from within; coaching empowers us to make our dreams come true; for a life of balance and fundamental profound satisfaction.