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Silvia Natale

Title: Mindfulness Teacher & Life Coach

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Life Coaching

Services Offered: Private Consultations, Meditations, Awareness Seminars

Languages Spoken: English & Italian

Nationality: Italian

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Mindfulness Teacher Training – Bangor University (UK)
  • Life Coaching – Center for Coaching Certification (USA)

About Silvia:

Silvia Natale is a Mindfulness Teacher and Life Coach. She is passionate about empowering individuals to live a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life!

Holding a Masters in Engineering, a Degree in Education and an accreditation as a Life Coach with Center for Coaching Certification (U.S.), Silvia started her path as a holistic professional wanting to reunite scientific evidence with spiritual perspective. She knew she wanted to share only what truly works and can be developed by anybody willing to commit themselves to the practice.

When she started practicing mindfulness she understood that this is what satisfied both her rational, scientifically-grounded brain and her soul’s innermost longing for answers. After 15 years of teaching and learning, she trained with the world-renowned Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in Bangor University (UK) to share these ancient skills with all wanting to learn.

Happiness stems from a combination of inner harmony – our minds, body and soul – and personal growth – the achievement of our outer goals. Mindfulness gives us the skills of growing lasting, life-long inner harmony, stemming from within; coaching empowers us to make our dreams come true; for a life of balance and fundamental profound satisfaction.


Silvia’s facilitating style is very effective. She is natural, clear and made me feel very comfortable with opening myself to the group. She also made the sessions fun and interesting. Time always flew in the sessions. She always gave some home practice to improve what we practiced on. Participating in the MBSR was a wonderful experience with discovering about myself and the other people in the sessions. It made me realise how I kept my negative patterns and how to work on them. So many times it opened my awareness. I would recommend the MBSR to everyone! I don’t think mindfulness sessions are only for people to solve their problems. It’s an amazing skill that helps to improve the quality of life.

– Duygu Gozener

I undertook the 8 week MBSR course with Silvia and it was a pleasure to have her guide us on this journey. Silvia’s approach to teaching was very thorough, organised and easy to follow – she gave clear guidance at all times and each session was followed up with an email. Her enthusiasm for Mindfulness was very apparent which in turn generated motivation in participants. Silvia’s sessions were very interactive which made the experience engaging. The sessions were very insightful as were the home practices. Silvia’s inquiry into our home practice each week was attended to with great interest and her feedback was gentle and thoughtful. I would highly recommend Silvia.

– Niamh Gallagher

Silvia is not only on top of her subject & passionate about coaching but also managed to move me forward (which I recognize was not easy!!). She is punctual, her insights are straight to the point, she always raps up each session by verbally summarizing it & listing the actions to be conducted, then she sends it to me in writing. This is an excellent way to acknowledge the progress throughout the path which lasted more than a year. Besides working on my profile and highlighting the strengths…she made me take action where I wouldn’t have on my own. I will always be thankful for her introducing me to the concept of FLOW which I try to reach and be aware of in activities I do. Now I decided to continue with her the sessions focusing on mindfulness & awareness. I highly recommend Silvia to other executives and friends seeking empowerment in their personal and professional growth.

– Antoine Stephan

Upcoming Events with Silvia:


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