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Sarmistha Mitra

Title: Spiritual Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

Holistic Approaches Include:

    • Depth Psychology
    • Hypnotherapy
    • Transpersonal regression therapy
    • NLP life coaching
    • Chakra attunement
    • Dream therapy
    • CBT

Services Offered: Past life regression therapy, Inner Child therapy, Ancestral Healing, Child counseling, anger management, mindfulness, anxiety therapy, couple counseling, weight management, eliminating limiting beliefs, life plan, life coaching, chakra attunement, trauma release therapy, smoking cessation.

Languages Spoken: English

Nationality: Indian


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Certifications & Qualifications:


• Awards winner: Excellence in Holistic Health (World Health Awards)

• Masters in Transpersonal Psychology: Atlantic University

• Teacher of DreamWork and Dream Interpretation: Atlantic University

• Teacher of Meditation & Inner life: Atlantic University

• PG Diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy: TASSO

• Diploma in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy: EKAA

• NLP Master Practitioner: Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

• Certified Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner

• Essentials of CBT: The Beck Approach

Somatic work:

  • Founder of P.A.S.T Release Therapy: Psychosomatic Anxiety, Stress and Trauma Release Therapy
  • TRE: Trauma Release Exercise
  • TRM: Trauma Resiliency Model
  • Up & Down: Bringing Balance to the Mind & Body

About Sarmistha:

As a spiritual psychologist and wellness coach, Sarmistha helps her clients to connect with their higher selves and activate the innate ability to heal themselves. Her holistic approach includes NLP, hypnotherapy, energy cleansing and chakra balancing.

Her gift lies in her helping people unleash their fullest potential. All her carefully crafted self empowerment workshops, meditations, one on one consultations and retreats are designed to facilitate the uncovering of answers through spirituality for our mundane challenges.

Sarmistha embarked on this path after surrendering to her own inner calling to be an instrument to help others eliminate limiting beliefs, increase energy vibrations and transform life patterns. As she says, “The ability to grow and transform life challenges through spirituality; creates bliss within.”


The therapy has benefited me in different ways. It has first helped me clearly identify what was affecting me negatively, then one by one the issues in my mind started to have a different meaning. I learned to understand and accept that what has happened to me were experiences of life, with a mature approach, I have put the broken pieces together and let go. I am more confident and much better than I was in the beginning of the therapy. Understanding leads to surrender and acceptance and ultimately to freedom, peace and joy.
-Jorge A.

This approach was very good on me. Opened me up to achieve the goals on my first session. After each session I was feeling happier and stronger. I am still delivering myself to the healing process, continuing with the meditation after the sessions. It lead me to face my raw emotions which was not known yet by me. I feel, now I am on the right path. Thanks to Sarmistha for passing her amazing energy into me.
-Ricardo DJ

My take away is clarity of mind/thought in each session. Sarmistha guided me through my past into the present.
Amazing ability with her voice during the therapy, she is extremely passionate and knowledgeable.
-Elizabeth T.

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