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Rima Al Taki

Title: Life Coach, Consultant & Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Advanced Relationship Coach, NLP & Personal development trainer, Intuitive energy healer & Meditation Trainer

Holistic Approaches Include: Consultation, Training, life coaching, Therapy, and energy healing

Services Offered: Private Consultations, Treatment Sessions, Hands-on Workshops, Awareness Seminars, and Certified Courses

Language Spoken: English & Arabic

Nationality: Syrian

About Rima Al Taki:

Rima is a distinguished person who identifies herself as an effective person that is capable of making a difference in the lives of others and society as a whole. She is an international trainer in meditation and a consultant in the art of living and intervention strategies. She completed her training as a life coach and strategic intervention coach at the Anthony Robbins Official Training School where she was taught by Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes.

Rima holds a degree in Counseling and Master degree in Parapsychology. Besides, Rima is an international trainer in meditation who has a journey of over 19 years in the science of meditation. Mediation is her life. She believes that the practice of meditation is an essential element for gaining higher awareness and raising awareness is an essential step towards happiness. Thanks to meditation, Rima was able to add another feature to her identity as a happy person. She was the first to provide meditation sessions to groups in Al Ain city in UAE and the first to initiate and guide meditation sessions at the United Arab Emirates University, in Al Ain.

Today she organizes workshops, training courses, cultures, seminars, and consultation sessions (one to one) all in the field of personal development. Her passion for life is to help people achieve their aspirations and to feel fulfilled, happiness and to add meaning to their lives. Rima Al-Taki holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering – Food industry Sector, University of Damascus – Syria, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the International University of  Arizona – USA


Meeting Rima for the first time at Illuminations was no accident. I was ready to change my life around. I had become someone I no longer recognized and I wanted to go back to being me, who I truly was again.

I would highly recommend Rima Al Taki to all those who are ready to gain clarity and a wonderful toolbox for life. In a life full of noise we sometimes need a third perspective to gain insight into our hearts true desires. My first object when I entered her room for my consultation was I just want to go back to being me again. What I realized, learned and walked away with was Not only regaining my identity but building it up. I now am new, reborn and happier than ever in my life.

I have learned self-love, acceptance, and awareness just to name a few.  So thank you, Rima, for your guidance, expertise, tools, and methods. I will forever be grateful.

– Our Happy Client 

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