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Ranya Zaben

Title: Therapist & Founder of the Revolutionary Wellness Technique

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Life Coach

– Hypnotherapist

– NLP Therapist

– Family Constellations

Services Offered:

– Parenting Coach

– Parent Support Group

– Teenager support

– Wellness games Workshop – For schools, corporates & teenagers

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic

Nationality: Jordanian

Ranya Zaben - Portrait Photo (2)

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Bachelor of Economics | University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

– Digital Marketing | London Institute of Internet Marking & Research Studies

– Certified Wellness games moderator

– Business Mastery Coaching | Tony Robbins

– Six Figures Sales Map | Ted McGrath

– Message 2 Million (M2M) Program | Ted McGrath

– Life & Weight Coach Certification | The Life Coach School

– Certified Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) | Ali Campbell Training

– Certified Practitioner, Hypnosis| Ali Campbell Training

– Unleash the Power Within (UPW) | Tony Robbins

– Virtual Life Coaching | Virtual Coach

– Family Constellation level 1-6 | Illumination

– Conscious Parenting | Dr. Shefali

About Ranya Zaben:

Ranya Zaben, a distinguished Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Therapist, and Family Constellations Facilitator, offers a holistic approach to personal development and wellness. Her expertise blends real-life experiences and professional certifications to guide individuals towards enriching their lives.

Ranya’s Revolutionary Wellness Technique is a holistic approach that combines coaching, NLP, family and ancestral healing to address the specific needs of adults, teenagers, and corporate clients dealing with stress, anxiety, relationships, and fears. Experience growth, self-awareness, and achievement through her personalized sessions and workshops.

Focus Areas:

Experience the Revolutionary Wellness Technique to heal stress, anxiety, relationships, and fears.

Achieve clarity in your goals and realize your dreams through personal evolution.


Before becoming a therapist, Ranya navigated the challenges of motherhood while balancing career demands and personal adversities. Her transformative journey led her to empower others with her insights gained from overcoming marriage issues, divorce challenges, and raising four children successfully.

Innovative Solutions:
To enhance learning experiences in wellness programs further, Ranya has integrated a compassionate wellness board game. This interactive approach fosters active participation in exploring personal growth dynamics joyfully.

With her profound background, empathetic demeanor, and innovative methods like the wellness board game integration, Ranya Zaben is committed to helping individuals achieve their aspirations and find balance in life.

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