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Niya Roy

Title: Clinical hypnotherapist, Sound therapist, Yoga & Meditation teacher

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Clinical Hypnotherapy

– Sound therapy

– Life coaching

– Cognitive behavioral therapy

– Inner Child Therapy

– Family Constellation

– Past-Life Regression

– Relationship Counselling

– Pre-marital Relationship Counselling

– Behaviour analysis and rewiring through handwriting and drawings

– Therapeutic Neurolinguistic Programming

– Therapeutic Tarot Card Reading

– Teen Counselling

– Beginners Yoga and meditation practice development coaching

– Chakra diagnosis and Balancing

– Corporate wellness and wellbeing consultation

Services Offered:

– Private Therapy Consultations

– Group coaching consultation

– Group yoga and meditation sessions

– Corporate wellness talks and sound meditation sessions

– Emotional intelligence and wellness talk for schools

– Private trainings for handwriting and drawing analysis

– Wellness retreats facilitation

Languages Spoken: English, Malayalam

Nationality: Indian

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Life coach – New skills academy

– Mindfulness coach – New skills academy

– Meditation instructor 50 hr – Karma Yoga, UAE

– Sound healer- Illuminations, UAE

– Metaphor Therapy – Illuminations, UAE

– Graphology – Illuminations, UAE

– Cognitive behavioral Therapy – Illuminations, UAE

– Therapeutic NLP – Illuminations, UAE

– Clinical Hypnotherapy, EKAA/ Illuminations, Level 1, 2,3,4,5

– Chief Happiness Office – WooHoo Inc

– Masters in Marine engineering and Naval Architecture – United Kingdom

– Therapeutic tarot – Essentia wellness center, UAE

– Transpersonal regression therapy – Illuminations, UAE

– Yoga teacher training 200 hrs – Zen Yoga studio, UAE


About Niya:

Niya is a clinical hypnotherapist, sound therapist and yoga teacher. She aims to empower her clients find the root cause to transcend their physical and mental limitations through unconventional and holistic approaches and achieve their goals.

Niya has an in born talent to immediately build rapport and connect with people. Her passion for psychology, fitness and wellbeing ignited her love for the world of therapeutic modalities. In addition to being an ambassador of love, joy and happiness, she chooses to share her knowledge to help transcend repressed emotions and negative beliefs and patterns of those around her.

In her private consultations, Niya focuses on healing through Hypnotherapy, Metaphor Therapy, Life coaching, Graphology and goal setting. Helping clients to connect the dots and find their inner wisdom capabilities so that they are no longer a victim and can take full responsibility of the growth in their life. With patience and compassion, she provides her support every step of the way.

Niya works with clients of different ages and all walks of life help improve their, relationships with their environment and their own mental wellbeing as she strongly believes that their outer experience is a reflection of their inner reality.

She is also a certified chief happiness officer, helping the employees within corporate firms to rebuild meaningful relations, improve experienced happiness, and promote wellbeing and wellness at the work place.

Niya left her life as a naval architect to pursue her dream of being a therapist and healer after her own journey through self- healing and self- discovery that made her believe in the power of the human mind and body.

Niya can be best described as a friendly ball of energy who can light up any room that she enters. She loves her spiritual and yoga practices and she is a fitness freak who loves to push physical boundaries. She loves to start conversations with strangers and loves to see the world through their eyes. Her love for water sports, nature and travelling makes her an adventure junkie. She aims to live a limitless life full of love, laughter and thrilling experiences.

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