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Namraata is Hypnotherapy & Behavioral Therapist conducting various services on behalf of Illuminations Dubai. She always has been fascinated with the working of the mind and the nadir and zenith it can bring a human to! So she graduated in Psychology and a second graduation in Law from the Bombay University. It was then that she moved to Dubai with her family.

Namraata has an entrepreneur background and is the co-founder of a leading bookstore in Dubai. When she came in to Dubai she identified the need for a better bookstore. She opened her first bookstore in 1992 with not enough startup capital and within the span of a decade she had grown it to 13 outlets in the UAE.

Two major financial crisis and downturn didn’t keep her down. She believes in pulling herself together and coming back even stronger. It is her personal and spiritual crisis that steered her into her current path and calling. She reinvented herself with the tool and techniques that she now uses to help her clients empower themselves to break free of negative, self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. She is motivated in facilitating people to discover the huge resources in them and utilize it to lead a more fulfilling life.

Namraata is also an intuitive energy healer and combines several modalities to bring an integrated approach to healing and empowering. She is also continuously studying to enhance her life and of those she touches.


I first met Namraata sometime back in April. I met her over the “phone”. I had not met her before that and did not know anything about her. I was going for a surgery and was quite nervous. Then one of my friends asked me to call Namraata and she added that I would feel better. I just said to myself. “Well, I won’t get worse so let me make that call”. I did not look back after that call.

I remember it was that night in April just one day before the surgery. I called her and instantly I felt connected to her, her voice …. it was the warmth of it all. She just got the depth of my issues at that time and the more I was talking to her, the more releases were happening without me realizing. I felt that I got my reply why I was going thru all the anxiety and the physical trauma my body was going thru for so many months. She made me understand how my emotional state could manifest itself in my physical reality.

Namraata was a very intuitive in her session and very skillfully she was able to take out the fear I kept inside of me. A fear that I kept for many years with me, fear that kept me away from being who I am, a fear that did not let me live at times, a fear that I kept as a guest which was not welcomed and yet I let it in my life for so many years. We addressed the underlying truth with ease and grace.

I went to the hospital the next day with more clarity and allowed the fear/beliefs to be taken out of me forever. The operation was successful inspite of it complications and recovery was quick as visualized in the session over the phone. I feel so better now. The next session in person allowed me further change as we had eliminated the huge resistance that blocked me for quite a long period. Thank you Namrata in facilitating the process by eliminating deeply rooted beliefs and creating new beliefs in me. Lots of gratitude to you.
– Sunita