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Lukas Putz is a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practitioner, Reiki & Energy Healer on behalf of Illuminations Well-Being Center, Dubai. He is the only trainer in the Middle East offering the SRT approach!

After having received the gift of experiencing and learning the unique healing approach of spiritual healing, he dedicates his time to traveling around the world, facilitating private consultations, training programs and empowerment seminars. His intention is for individuals to feel empowered enough to connect with their higher potential within minutes, to provide divine guidance and intervention in that challenging moment when one most requires it!

SRT helps to reach and eliminate the core of many problems that are limiting one from reaching areas of happiness, joy, health and wealth in personal, family and work areas. SRT is a powerful spiritual method of healing that works with your muscle response to bypass your limited conscious capacity, to connect with the subconscious guidance within.

Through a set of charts and a pendulum, students will learn how to clear any energy blockages, imbalances and disharmony in order to resolve any situation in life. “ Understanding ones core essence in life comes as the greatest blessing to help us transform all that we aspire to be in our lives. ” describes Lukas.