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Leckranee Burthoo – Barah

Title: Holistic Coach and Intuitive Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:

    • ThetaHealing®️
    • Angelic Reiki®️ Healing
    • Access Consciousness®️ – Bars
    • Angel Tarot Card Reading

Services Offered:

    • Private Consultations
    • Certified Training Programs
    • Empowerment Workshops
    • Meditations

Languages Spoken: English, French, Hindi

Nationality: Mauritian


Certifications and Qualifications:

  • Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner, Healer & Instructor
  • Certified Angelic Reiki® Practitioner & Instructor
  • Certified Access Consciousness®

About Leckranee:

Leckranee is a woman full of determination, dedication, and perseverance.  She is a go-getter, hence pouring all her energy in working hard for her dreams has always been her thing.  She did achieve what she dreamed of as a finance professional and was on top of the corporate ladder as a Chief Financial Officer. However, Leckranee decided to leave the corporate to walk her soul journey.


Trusting the Creator of All That is, she is following her divinely crafted soul path.  Leckranee has already started her work as a healer by providing 1 to 1 ThetaHealing®, Angelic Reiki ®, Access Consciousness® sessions.  Leckranee does Angel Tarot Cards readings.


Being in her natural state of a determined soul, she is continuing her self-development and spiritual journey with additional ThetaHealing® modules as well as mastering Light Key Frequencies®.


Leckranee desires to inspire others through her own journey by choosing to always follow her heart and trusting the Divine.  She knows life is abundant, everyone has the right to abundance, and that happiness is within.  With a positive mindset, healthy lifestyle and great energic vibration – total harmony of body, mind and spirit can be achieved by anyone.

Client Testimonials:

“She is a true healer she made my life a living heaven by her abilities I personally benefited from the first session and because how great she was I continued going to her. I am so glad that I met her, I met her by coincidence in one of the coaching sessions and she instantaneously realized facts about me that were true – she is really connected and talented- so when I knew that she was a theta healer, I decided to have a session with her and she did an amazing job, she literally changed my life and that’s why I recommend her to my friends – Leckranee you are awesome, I love you and I love your amazing work.”

– Abeer Sharif

Upcoming Events with Leckranee:


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