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Laila Saif

Title: Certified Hypnotherapist

Services Offered: One to one consultation sessions. Therapy sessions. Mediation for healing and energy healing sessions.

Languages Spoken: English & Arabic

Nationality: UAE

Laila Saif

About Laila:

Laila is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach providing tools and guidance through Hypnotherapy sessions, private consultations, meditations and workshops.

She is passionate about breaking limiting patterns and beliefs which enables individuals to be their authentic selves, finding their passions and living their optimal potential in life.

In her private consultations, Laila focuses on healing through hypnotherapy, exploring the sub-conscious mind and empowering her clients to further know themselves at a deeper level & supports them through their self-development journey.

Laila is an EMBA holder in Strategic Management and has 15 years of experience in Human Resources; she has worked both locally and internationally in the UK & Germany. Through her corporate experience she has been dedicating her time to understanding Human Behavior, Coaching, and facilitating Workshops & Seminars.

In her personal time; Laila is passionate about meta-physics, consciousness sciences and being around nature.

Upcoming Events with Laila :


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