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Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian

Title: Metaphysician and Transpersonal Psychologist

Services Offered: Meditations, Private Consultations, Workshops

Languages Spoken: English/Persian

Nationality: British/Persian/American

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About Katie:

Her journey started when the doctors told her she had an incurable virus that was cancer-causing – after a long search for a cure she discovered healing that gave her a miraculous cure. After witnessing her own spontaneous healing, she founded an energy healing technique called “Gateway Healing” and works primarily with individuals that have physical, emotional or spiritual blockages in their life. She believes that every problem in our life has an energetic solution and that with a partnership with spirit miracles are possible.

Not only did she discover that Gateway Healing is teachable but that it is all of our birthrights to connect to spirit for the purpose of healing. Katie conducts seminars all over the world teaching people of all races, beliefs, and religions. She has trained teachers and practitioners who are working in over 16 countries

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