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Jana Reddy

Title: Reiki Master, Access Bars Facilitator & Hypnotherapist

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Sound Healing

– Access Bars and Access Body Process

– Reiki Healing

– Clinical Hypnotherapy

– Family Constellation

– Regression Therapy

– Inner Child Integration Therapy

– Hypno-Birthing Education Therapy

– Angel Healing Therapy

– Shamanic Healing

– Crystal Healing

Services Offered:

– Private Consultations – Sound healing, Access Bars and Access Body Process, Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellation, Regression Therapy, Inner Child Integration Therapy, Angel Healing, Shamanic Healing

– Certified Training Programs

– Empowerment Workshops

– Meditations

– Life Coaching

– Aura and Chakra Cleansing and Realigning

– Angel Healing

– Crystal Healing

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu & Tamil.

Nationality: Indian

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Clinical Hypnotherapist, EKAA India

– Certified Trainer for Clinical Hypnotherapy Level 1, EKAA India

– Family Constellations Under Yuval/Moghan- India , Efu Nyaki/Dennis Moorman, Brazil , Mark Wolynn,USA , Leslie Nipps USA, Jan Jacob Stratam, Netherlands, Sophie Hellinger , Germany

– Tasso Regression Ekaa/Tasso, India

– Tasso Supervisor Ekaa/Tasso, India

– Inner Child Integration Therapy, Patricia Cateano/Clover Leaf Training Academy USA/India

– Reiki- ICRT USA

– Hypno Birthing Educator – Mongan Institute, USA

– Shamanic Healing, Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Asian Chapter, Thailand.

– Sound Healing- Sound Healing India, Japan Meditation Society, Tokyo, Ashana, USA

– Angel Healing -Diana Cooper Trained School

– NLP Master Practitioner – NF NLP USA

– Theta Healing Practitioner – Think Institute USA

– M.Com, Bangalore University, India


About Jana Reddy:

Jana is a healer therapist and life coach. He has a rich experience coming from the corporate background and having run his own industries. Mind Sciences always intrigued Jana which started as a self-help tool, later developed into a full-time profession.

Jana has varied experience in energy healing, mind sciences and life coaching. Jana specializes in sound healing, reiki and quantum healing, regression and inner child integration therapy and family constellation.

Jana currently works with clients from India, Middle East and USA supporting the client’s journey to create their own E3 Life. The three E’s standing for emerge, evolve, and empower.

Jana has more than two and half decades of corporate experience working with different verticals of manufacturing/ Service industry. This rich experience is an added benefit for Jana who can understand the human mind in real world situations.

Jana is an avid traveler and shares his knowledge and wisdom wherever he travels. He enjoys his solo Spiritual Journey.

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