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Dr. Irina Khanna is a well-known hypnotherapist, psychotherapist & trans-generational healer focusing on resolved inherited family programs through constellation therapy. She graduated from a degree in dentistry. She began her career after experiencing life-changing results from experiencing and resolving unconscious patterns within her. This led her to study further on how our mind and energy levels influence areas of our life that appear unknown to our conscious understanding.

Her goal is to spread this awareness and encourage individuals to explore their power from within. She is originally from Georgia in Eastern Europe but has lived in India for the last 20 years and currently heading and offering her services in the Pune branch of Dubai’s Premiere Well-Being Center known as Illuminations.

She guides the individual to tap into hidden patterns and programs that lie deep in the subconscious areas and resolves them through powerful healing techniques. What was once limiting their lives is miraculously released!