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Title: ThetaHealing Master

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • ThetaHealing
  • Change behavioural patterns: Negative habits, compulsions, addictions, limiting patterns such as procrastination, self-sabotage, perfectionism etc
  • Love & self-esteem issues
  • Remove blocks towards Wealth and Abundance
  • Reconnective Healing – Energy Healing
  • DNA Healing: Healing of genetic programs, illnesses
  • Emotional & Psychological Healing
  • Release of Cellular Trauma

Services Offered: ThetaHealing Seminars, Private Sessions, Kundalini Awakening Breathwork, Training Programs.


About Handan:

Handan, an intuitive, energy healer and holistic therapist applies ThetaHealing® for a wide range of ailments on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Having been fascinated by human behavior delving into psychology from a young age, she was driven by the inner workings of the human mind and knew her calling was to help others overcome challenges, addictions and emotional downfalls.

Later her interest in quantum mechanics, hypnosis, shamanism and energy work led her on a quest for greater understanding of our interaction with the metaphysical realms. She encountered many spiritual masters along the way, each helping her awaken to her own gifts and providing the tools to help ignite this flame in others. Her studies in Yoga Therapy has allowed her to assist clients towards healing and balance through physical postures as well as breathwork for an optimal integration of the Body, Mind & Soul.

She currently lives in Dubai and is an avid practitioner of yoga, meditation and dance.


I felt very connected to Handan. I felt comfortable in her presence. I liked her teaching style, techniques, stories, examples, and humor. I found most of what she talked about as her experiences very relatable. Hence this developed even further trust and comfort. The course content is very interesting and as I have family who has done Theta before and I’m quite familiar, I was looking forward to sitting in the class because, for me, it is very important to learn the techniques from an instructor.

The support team is lovely. I do look forward to the Advanced Level.

Thank you 



I really enjoyed these past 3 weekend, amazing changes with the amazing Handan, I want to be updated with her courses for the next few months.



I just don’t have enough words to thank Handan, she really has given me a different perspective in life. I look forward to the Advanced classes with her. 

Ateev Kapoor


The Basic DNA Course with Handan was amazing a lot of useful information. 


Upcoming Events with Handan:



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