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Gian Carlo Zazzeri

Title: Quantum & Shamanic Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Transcendental Quantum Reiki

– Shamanic Healing

– Guidance Reading and Healing

– Sound Healing and Energy Cleansing Meditation

Services Offered: Meditations, Private Consultations, Workshops, Training Programs, Spiritual Retreats

Languages Spoken: English & Italian

Nationality: Bristish Italian


Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Bachelors in Wellness and Holistic Counselling C.S.E.N through the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, Holistic Trainer S.I.A.F
  • Holistic Counselor A.S.P.I.N
  • Omega Health Coach
  • Angel Master Life Coach R.
  • Crystalline Oracle
  • Vice Director of Angeli Cristallini
  • Director of Research for New Holistic Methods

About Gian Carlo Zazzeri:

Gian Carlo Zazzeri is an international Quantum and Shamanic Healer. He is also the founder of a new and revolutionary energetic healing method called Transcendental Quantum Reiki or just simply T.Q.R. His goal is to strike the perfect balance and harmony between science and spirituality! According to the times of profound changes that were living. New holistic methods are arriving from higher dimensions to assist us in our evolutionary passage towards a new world of universal peace, and one of these methods is: T.Q.R. Transcendental Quantum Reiki. Born in the United Kingdom of an Italian father and French-Mauritian mother, from an early age, Gian Carlo had particular gifts which resulted in a very turbulent childhood and youth. It wasn’t until his early adult life that he realized that he was gifted with multidimensional awareness, contact and vision. Once understood, he developed mastery of his particular gifts and put them into service for humanity.

At the age of 19, Gian Carlo moved to Italy and later enlisted in the Italian Military Police Force where he remained for 24 years. Initially assigned to the special airborne division, he went on to achieve the rank of Sergeant Major. Whilst aspects of the Military felt very foreign to Gian Carlo, his aptitude for understanding the human psyche earned him the respect of his superiors and opened many doors for him. He received sponsorship to complete a bachelor degree in Wellness and Holistic Counselling. He was assigned to work as a practitioner to assist colleagues with psychological issues, veterans and their families. His success here leads to him working with a group of civilian psychologists in an innovative therapeutic program to assist serious offenders in the maximum-security prison in Aosta.

Whilst in the military, Gian Carlo had the opportunity to collaborate, as a holistic coach and teacher with
world-renowned speaker and holistic teacher Dr. Roy Martina in Holland and Germany. Dr. Martina clearly recognized Gian Carlo’s unique abilities to channel new, holistic modalities. Great and powerful personal changes began occurring for Gian Carlo, which he realized were communications from his spiritual guides and gradually he understood that his destiny lay beyond the military. A leap of faith saw him leave the military and step into the unknown, trusting only his guides and instincts.


The Shamanic cleansing and empowerment workshop with Gian Carlo was an absolutely amazing experience. He is a truly gifted teacher and it was lovely to learn from him personally. It was a very different experience too from the previous other courses n workshops I’ve done.

It was truly wonderful and I didn’t realize how quickly time flew by from 10 am to 6 pm..I really enjoyed every moment of it.

Thank you so much once again Gian for that amazing workshop and healing sessions on Sunday. Truly grateful for  getting this opportunity to experience it in person with you.

Many blessings to you🙏

Love and light,
Dr. Jyothi

Amazing and life/self changing experience!

I attended the shamanic healing by Gian Carlo, its amazing experience. When I went at Illuminations my mind is scattered and I have lots of negativity in my body and mind, and somewhat doubtful to Gian and to Illuminations. But after my 3 sessions, I feel great and I started to focus in things that is important most especially to learn to love myself. My husband said, we’ve been 4 years but Gian Carlo changed me in just 3 days sessions…:)…its life changing and helps a lot to my relationship with my family most especially with my husband… Thank you Gian! I highly recommended him and the illuminations!


Dear Team,

I would love to share my session experience with Master Gian , I did with him so far 5 sessions from london – Ofcourse the sessions were online and the amount of information and exercise that he shared with me are amazing Am so amazed how he do the meditation with the tools and words and how he is patient with me during the session it shows me how he loves his work and he master it very well Plus the sessions am having with Gian helps me alot and made me to move to the second level of my healing process.

I really would love to thank him for everything,

And am going to attend his class in person when I visit Dubai on July.

Best Regards

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