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Dr. Moustafa Hassan

Title: Emotional Psychotherapist, Biofeedback & Energy Medicine Specialist, Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Emotional Psychotherapy

– Psychophysiology & Biofeedback

– Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology

– Brainwaves Therapy

– Light & Color Therapy

– Vibroacoustic Therapy

– Bio-electromagnetic Therapy

– Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

– Clinical Therapeutic Aromatherapy


Moustafa completed his latest studies & certification programs in Canada, US, EU, and Russia and is considered one of the top 50 worldwide consultants in the Bioenergy & Electro-photonic Imaging. He is proficient in applying the highlighted modalities for the management of many health disorders. During his extensive practice experience, he supported thousands of clients globally using many non-invasive/clinically proven modalities to overcome;

– Low energy & Chronic Fatigue

– Anxiety, Depression & Phobias

– Emotional Stress & Traumas

– Physical and Mental Stress

– Insomnia & Sleep Disorder

– Acute & Chronic Pain

– Memory & Concentration

– Attention (ADD & ADHD) and Learning Challenges

– Digestion, Metabolism & Weight Management Challenges

Dr. Moustafa - Emotionally Focused Therapist

Services Offered: Private Consultations, Treatment Sessions, Hands-on Workshops, Awareness Seminars and Certified Courses.

Nationality: Canadian/Egyptian

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Clinical Therapeutic Aromatherapy Certified Courses, UK.

– Health Technician Certification / Medical Consultant – European Guidelines 93/42/EWG, Swiss Bionic Solutions – Light & Color Therapy, Ontario, Canada.

– Electro-photonic Imaging and Bioenergy, Advanced Professional level Certification, St. Petersburg, Russia.

– Electro-photonic Imaging and Bioenergy Course, level II, Houston, USA.

– Electro-photonic Imaging and Bioenergy, John Hopkins, USA.

– SEUS (Safe & effective Use of Self), College of Health Studies, Canada.

– Professional Practice & Jurisprudence for Registered Psychotherapists, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, Canada.

– Emotional Focused-Family Therapy (EFFT), Ontario, Canada.

– Biofeedback & Neurofeedback Certification Course, Ontario, Canada.

– Cyberscan Biofeedback Certification Course, Ontario, Canada.

– Light & Color Therapy Certified Course, Ontario, Canada.

– Emotional Psychotherapy Certified Practitioner Courses, Levels I, II & III, Faculty of Health, York University, Canada.

– Electro-photonic Imaging and Bioenergy Course, level I – Maryland, USA.

– Biopulsar Electro-Chirogram Certified Course, Ontario, Canada.

– Energy Psychology – Professional practitioner certification programs, Canada.

– Reiki Therapy (Master – 6th Generation) – Level I, II & III, Ontario, Canada.

– Emotional Freedom Technique Certified Courses, Practitioner levels I & II, Ontario, Canada.

– Patient Education Management and Medical Awareness Programs, Cleveland, USA.

– Energy Medicine Diploma, Natural Medicine Collage, Ontario, Canada.

– Doctorate in Healthcare Communication

– Masters of Business Administration (Marketing & Finance)

– Masters in Clinical Biochemistry

– Bachelors in Chemistry/Biochemistry

About Dr. Moustafa:

Inspiring minds, brightening souls, warming hearts and energizing bodies – are Moustafa’s passion to build up the soul-mind-heart-body connections to enhance people well-being and empowering them to be happier & healthier.

Moustafa is a scientist; healer and Canadian natural health practitioner specialized in psychophysiology, biofeedback and emotional psychotherapy with an extensive experience in energy medicine, energy psychology, and regression.

After more than 20 years in conventional healthcare field, Moustafa realized his life purpose and ultimate goal, which inspired him to start his new journey in psychology and integrative medicine field. His interests, educational and knowledge bound to guide him through this new professional environment in Canada.

Moustafa is a scientist and researcher by nature, he earned his Bachelor & Masters degrees in Clinical Biochemistry in 1992 & 1998 respectively; Masters of Business Administration in 2003; a Doctorate Degree in Healthcare Communication in 2010.

He is an Natural Medicine Doctor (North American Board) and Canadian Natural Health Practitioner who is enjoying practicing his life passion utilizing the knowledge acquired and skills developed during his Canadian practice and more than 28 years in the healthcare consultation & counseling, to contribute to the welfare of the people, supporting them on the physical/emotional/mental & spiritual levels.

Moustafa is the founder of EMClinic (Emotional, Energy Medicine & Mental Health Clinic) (the first energy medicine clinic in North America for Juniors & Adults) and Royal Academy of Life Sciences in Ontario – Canada, since 2011 and he is practicing now at the Natural Health Clinic of Halton at the biggest healthcare campus in Ontario, Canada.

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