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Dr. Grant Kruhly has studied intensely for over 42 years under the finest Master Doctors in the world. Formally a professional clinician in the United States, he has now successfully integrated several profound healing modalities which are powered by his connection with the Divine.

He was an apprenticed for nine years under a Spiritual Doctor in Georgia to understand and apply the special craft of clearing the subconscious mind and beyond in order tin order to change and save lives. Additionally, Dr. Grant is a Master of Psych-K, Tibetan Reiki, Advanced Heart Math, Bio-Cranial Adjusting, Network Chiropractic, EFT, Epi Genetic Change and Healing, Zen Meditation, and Classical Zen Sword.

Dr. Kruhly has developed and refined a sophisticated technology for talking to both the Field and the Divine. All aspects and areas of the client’s life can be treated, cleared, and healed via the Field. That is the causal level, and that is why he calls it depth healing. Once the cause is cleared and gone, their body or life or life situation or relationship automatically resolves. If the cause is not cleared the problem will return. A simple example is cancer.

In 1994 Dr. Grant established a private school/Dojo in CA, USA. It was at the Satsu Ken Dojo he taught and lectured on personal development and life skills to NASA, MILITARY, and SILICON VALLEY Executives. Additionally, he gave shelter to the homeless and helped to empower battered women and alcoholics. Early in the year 2000 Dr. Grant closed his school to enter Chiropractic/Med. University and become a licensed clinician. He graduated in 2006 from Texas Chiropractic College. Combining that degree with his Honors of Human Kinetics from the University of Windsor Canada, he moved to Georgia where he ran 2 private clinics. He was a staff doctor at a clinic in Tennessee. In 2012 he wrote and published his book, WANT MORE, the 7 simple disciplines to empower your life. It receives attention on the prestigious show, Writers in Focus, available on You Tube.

In 2015 he moved to Chiang Mai Thailand, where he lives today, serving people around the world via skype.