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Dr. Geraldine Naidoo

Title: Doctor of Natural Medicine

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Quantum Medicine: Safe, Effective, Non Invasive Personal Wellness Solutions

– Somatic Therapy( Body based release therapies)

– Relationship Coaching

– Money Coaching

– Emotional Release Therapy

– Safe and Sound Protocol (Vigus nerve reset created by Steven Porges)

– Trauma counselling from a quantum medicine perspective

Services Offered:

– Private Consultations – Personal Wellness Solutions

– Certified TRE Provider (Private and group sessions)

– Self-soothing Meditations

– Pain relief

– Relationship Counselling

– Money Coaching

– Inner child healing

– Chakra Harmonization and synchronization

– “Not good enough” workshops

– “Exploring the Ancestral Story” workshops

Languages Spoken: English.

Nationality: South African

Certifications & Qualifications:

– Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine

– Reiki Master

– Money Breakthrough Coach

– TRE Provider

– SSP Provider

– Trauma informed Counsellor

– Bioregulation therapist


About Dr. Geraldine Naidoo:

Geraldine is passionate about providing Personal Wellness Solutions that are focused, non -invasive, safe, effective and trauma informed.

She has a special interest in Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Autoimmunity, ADHD, and General Wellness.

Geraldine is excited to offer Dubai the expertise of her multidimensional Quantum Medicine approach to facilitate much needed change in order to optimize  health and wellness. Using cutting edge 21st century Mindbody interventions she very powerfully helps restore harmony and synchrony to individuals of all ages.

Every individual is more than just a manifestation of personal biology, and personal life story. Indeed, a truly holistic approach includes personal story (lived experience), ancestral impact (genetics and also epigenetics) and the collective cultural/Social/environmental impact.

With her guidance and expertise on these topics, as well as a deep understanding of the biology of trauma, utilizing both Quantum medicine principles, as well as body based techniques and bioregulation therapies. Dr Geraldine will help you transition out of a stress state, and into a more embodied and regulated sense of your authentic self, free from pain, anxiety and other limitations.

Severe ongoing health issues forced Geraldine to look for Alternate and Complementary solutions for her own health dilemmas 20 years ago. She explored multiple pathways to healing, and was astounded and intrigued by the impact and efficacy of quantum medicine and quantum theory! She subsequently expanded her field of study to include Quantum Medicine Principles, and then, understanding the limitations of a single modality, went on to include Somatic experiencing into her wellness protocols. This combination provides an unprecedented transformation in mind-body wellness that is wholly effective, inclusive, and impactful.

Geraldine has a Doctorate in Natural Medicine, has completed studies in Psychology, and remains updated on the latest approaches to healing. She has completed specialized trauma training under the guidance of Dr Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Gabor Mate, Dr Peter A. Levine, Dr Steven Porges and David Berceli and many other leaders in this field. She has also completed a PhD research study on the effectiveness of a quantum medicine approach to wellness, and has countless testimonies from satisfied clients who have begun embracing life more fully and joyfully as a result of their own treatment experiences with her.


I started my healing journey with Geraldine in 2013, and just after 1 session so much was revealed and healed, we worked on many belief systems that I had formed over the years and addressed them and two weeks later my husband walked into my life! I knew that was a direct result of the work Geraldine did. Through our work I have really come to understand how the mind, body and soul are interconnected, before every major life decision / change / transition I have turned to Geraldine for advice and guidance to make sure I’m approaching these decisions with positivity and hope instead of despair and fear. Each and every time Geraldine has guided me safely through some very difficult times. The most painful part of my journey with Geraldine was when I had to terminate my pregnancy due to medical reasons the wisdom, strength and acceptance that came out of my work with Geraldine proved to me that with the understanding of ourselves and our bodies I have learned how our bodies always know better than our brain and work to protect us and that we must trust in that power and respect it and nurture it.

I have also worked with Geraldine at times that my daughter has not been well -and the knowledge and understanding imparted to me during those sessions were beyond any current modern medicine doctors could ever explain Over the years I have come to respect, admire and trust Geraldine’s methodology and techniques so much, that I cannot go ahead with any major life decision without consulting with her first and every single time I have benefited.

Over the years I have also sent numerous family members and friends many of them with undiagnosed and unresolved health issues and she’s been the only one to address them. I’m incredibly grateful to have come across this type of healing and find it a vital part of my emotional and mental well being


A. A. (42 years old – British)

I started my sessions with Geraldine due to work stress and anxiety and it was amazing to experience an instant shift in my anxiety during the sessions, and which ultimately convinced me to continue working with her on other aspects of my life. This form of therapy is fascinating and unpacks aspects from the past that you wouldn’t think are important or traumatic but infact affect current life – and Geraldine’s approach is always kind, patient and reassuring.

After comparing my behavior’s and actions from two years ago, I notice a difference in myself and am pleased with the outcome and look forward to further changes in myself. It is important to be open and accepting of what will be uncovered so the therapy can work its magic.

K. G. (39 years old – Indian)

The session with Dr. Geraldine was lovely.
I enjoyed learning about TRE, Dr. Geraldine was very kind and patient, she made sure we are following through. She explained the meaning and science of TRE in such a humble and interesting way.
I enjoyed the session very much 😊


Geraldine is a tremendously talented Practitioner! She is a compassionate and kind human who uses her skills professionally to gently guide you through your healing process. She has supported me through my journey of healing and self awareness for over 4 years with so much tenderness, knowledge, patience, wisdom, and encouragement, allowing me to always feel comfortable and in a safe space to share and open up. I am extremely grateful to have met her and to have not only witnessed the positive results on myself from this method of healing, but also gained many skills and techniques to improve my mental and physiological wellbeing on a daily basis.

H. Z. Age 38

Thanks to Geraldine I have gained important and cathartic insights on my emotional self. An eye opening journey with some amazing “a ha” moments and at other times deep resistance that needed time and patience to get to a place of acceptance. If you are ready to face yourself and delve into the good, the bad and the ugly of your behavior, triggers and thought processes that limit you, then Geraldine is the person you need. I am grateful that I have Geraldine in my life and for all the major positive shifts that have happened through our sessions. I look forward to what has yet to be uncovered and would recommend Geraldine to anyone!

SG age 42

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