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A multifaceted personality, Deepa Arora is a motivational speaker, law of attraction and spiritual coach. She combines her years of experience in hypnotherapy, shamanism, NLP, regression therapies and spiritual and angelic healing in order to help individuals release their physical, mental and emotional blocks.

Her areas of interest are relationships & wealth as these are the two common areas that so many people struggle with.

Having explored her own truth first, she is passionate about sharing and guiding others on the how the application of spiritual laws in our everyday life can lead individuals to enormous success!

She calls herself a Sufi and says “I am a Sufi, not a philosopher, I am not here to resolve or find the answers, I am here to dissolve the questions. I don’t want to talk about or preach theories, ideologies or philosophies about inner self. The path is very experiential, courageous and of transformation.

Deepa Arora has helped and coached several clients over the past 7 years. Her clients come from all walks of life such as sports, entertainment industry, corporate and individuals. Her belief remains that regardless of how successful we are, there is always something to unfold, unlearn and hence, always an opportunity to transform.