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Deepa Arora

Title: Sufi Healer, Mind Science Therapist & Life Coach

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Heal your life Leader and Trainer
  • Neuro Linguistic Program
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Angel Therapy
  • Angel Healing

Services Offered: Transformational Meditations, Private Consultations & Spiritual Retreats

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi

Nationality: Indian

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Heal your life Leader and Trainer – Heart Inspired Presentations by Louise Hay, USA
  • NLP – India
  • Hypnotherapy – California Hypnosis, USA
  • Angel Therapy – Susan Chopra, India
  • Angel Healing – New Age Healing, India

About Deepa:

A multifaceted personality, Deepa Arora is a motivational speaker, law of attraction and spiritual coach. She combines her years of experience in hypnotherapy, shamanism, NLP, regression therapies and spiritual and angelic healing in order to help individuals release their physical, mental and emotional blocks.

Her areas of interest are relationships & wealth as these are the two common areas that so many people struggle with.

Having explored her own truth first, she is passionate about sharing and guiding others on the how the application of spiritual laws in our everyday life can lead individuals to enormous success!

She calls herself a Sufi and says “I am a Sufi, not a philosopher, I am not here to resolve or find the answers, I am here to dissolve the questions. I don’t want to talk about or preach theories, ideologies or philosophies about inner self. The path is very experiential, courageous and of transformation.

Deepa Arora has helped and coached several clients over the past 7 years. Her clients come from all walks of life such as sports, entertainment industry, corporate and individuals. Her belief remains that regardless of how successful we are, there is always something to unfold, unlearn and hence, always an opportunity to transform.


I had the pleasure of meeting Deepa during my journey of self-reflection and discovery. Walking in Illuminations for the first time I was met with genuine interest and curiosity. Deepa’s presence and energy alone were healing and her words resonated with me instantly. Any doubts about whether or not this was the right thing for me vanished immediately. Deepa is by far one of the most professional and caring people I’ve met. I learn a lot from her and those learnings are now embedded in my daily life. I aspire to be as centered and connected with myself and the world around me as Deepa is. Simply put, I am better off having met Deepa and you would be too.

I have been seeing Deepa for over 8 months, and I cannot begin to describe how many positive things she has brought to my life. She has helped me open my eyes and my heart. The guidance I have receive from her – both emotionally and spiritually, is truly amazing. She has helped me through a highly volatile phase of my life, and continuously teaches me several tools to deal with it all. She continues to be a part of my life, my journey and the light that guides my path. I am truly grateful to have her as my mentor, and my life coach. I wish her all the best, as she truly deserves it and more!

I would like to register here my gratitude towards Deepa Arora. I attended first a Law of Attraction meditation with her and decided to go ahead and attend also the workshop last Friday 9 June 2017 which i have no better words to describe than AMAZING..
Deepa is a lovely soul, full of love, a given person who is there clearly to help everyone who is ready to continue the journey. I will be very glad if you share my comments with her. I think she must know how glad we are having her around
Thank you so much!
Vivian S.

Dear Illuminations Team,
Thank you and most gratitude for having Deepa Arora as a coach and an inspiration. Since I have met Deepa truly a little over a year ago from today at one of her sessions on Sufi Way, I known since then that she would be the spiritual guide and healer for me.
My gratitude, thanks and appreciation to Deepa Arora from all my heart and Divine Blessings and all the unconditional thanks & love to her. Deepa was genuinely through her knowledge, through compassion and her sessions made and continues to make a long lasting positive change and impact to my life and provides the much needed clarity, grounding and wisdom in very fast paced transient city that attracts energies from all over.
I wish you Deepa all the divine blessings, protection, peace and love in this world has to offer and hope you will continue to visit in Dubai more often
Thanks you and much love,
Phoenix S.P

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