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David Taylor

Title: Psychic Consultant

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Tarot Reading
  • Numerology
  • Channelling

Services Offered: Awareness Seminars, Private Consultations

Languages Spoken: English

Nationality: British


About David:

David is acknowledged to be one of the leading psychics in the UK, and for 28 years has been helping people throughout the world with his predictions, words and guidance. As a natural clairvoyant and psychic, in 1987 David began to take an interest in and study Tarot. He soon found that it was a very natural progression from that which had already been discovered on his own spiritual journey. In recent years however, he has found that although he still uses elements of the Tarot, Numerology and Astrology his readings have become an intuitive process allowing him to channel information directly from the spiritual level. As well as his work giving telephone and Skype readings for clients throughout the world, he also travels 4 times a year to Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo and Shizuoka (Japan) conducting spiritual development workshops and giving personal consultations.

His readings are uncannily accurate and straight to the point, and he needs no prompting, affirmations or information from his clients”. My aim is to help people overcome life’s difficulties whether they are emotional, career, financial or spiritual and guide my clients to achieve what they are fully capable of achieving, and so helping them become the best they can be.


I first met David in Hong Kong, where we were both doing a series of lectures and workshops. I was working in a Holistic Centre and David did a reading for me and I was truly impressed with his work. He was totally accurate, describing people and situations in my life in detail and most importantly, he needed no prompts from me. Everything he said indeed has come to pass. More importantly though, is his attitude and work ethic. It was my first time in Hong Kong and David introduced me to many of his clients and business associates, as a result I have had 2 invitations, 1 to Singapore and 1 to Japan. This for me is a true testimonial of his noncompetitive nature and willingness to share opportunities with colleagues in the profession. I am very grateful to have met David, I can attest to his gift, I have recommended him to many of my clients who sometimes need a male reader to get a different perspective and will continue to do so as the feedback I have received is always positive. I am absolutely certain that he will be an asset to your establishment as he has been to the many other centres around the world he has worked.
– Michelle Araujo

I have been a client of David for over 10 years. During this span of time, David has been reliable, trust-worthy and insightful tarot reader who has been offering me great patience and sound advice in both professional and personal matters. He has always been willing and helpful in answering all my queries in a most understanding and caring manner. His professionalism is greatly admired; and it has been a wonderful pleasure to be one of his long-term clients.
– Mr. Chan

I met with David after leasing a small clinic space in Hong Kong. David had made regular trips as a visiting practitioner to the centre that was previously there (and another one I used to work at). We met initially in a professional capacity and then later I had a reading with David. The quality of the reading resulted in my referring four friends and one family member to him (I bought two of those sessions as gifts). He is very popular among our clients, as is shown by the fact that he is able to come to Hong Kong several times a year with enough client work (whereas most other practitioners only come once or twice a year). His reading for me predicted a number of events and situations that came to pass. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and found the guidance very useful, positive and encouraging. Our clients like that he records the session and can email the audio file for them to listen to again later.
I have also attended one of David’s workshops on learning the tarot, and I found it to be a really great introduction in terms of the way he taught, the materials he provided and the amount of practice we had. David has been very generous in sharing details of other visiting practitioners so that our newish centre can become more successful, and it has been a pleasure working with him thus far (as well as having readings as aclient).
– Alicia Maetzener

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