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Bhairavi Mehta

Title: Reconnective Healing Foundational, Reconnection Certified Practitioner, Associate Instructor, Teaching Assistant

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Chakra Healing
  • Theta Healing
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Foreign Energy Dynamics

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Nationality: Indian


About Bhairavi:

Bhairavi Mehta is Practitioner / Mentor Reconnective Healing / The Reconnection base in Mumbai Maharashtra, India.Bhairavi is an Environmental Engineer by her academic profession and is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has her background in other healing modalities like Chakra Healing, Thetha Healing…etc..

Since 2010 Bhairavi extensively practices Reconnective Healing and is privileged to be Mentor and Teaching Assistant with Dr.Eric Pearls team. In her practice she has witnessed miraculous healing with ailments like cancer, Asthama, Spinal Disorders, Epilepsy,ADHD, Panic n Anxiety, Depression and many more. Her passion is to spread this work throughout the globe in the best possible way. Till date she has worked with The Reconnection TeachingTeam as a Teaching Assitant in seminars held at Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Sydney, Rimini, Bologna, Istanbul, Salzburg. Her own Journey with The Reconnection is miraculous and so is her faith in this work.


“We were shocked when my daughter was hospitalized with stomach ache and was not responding to any medicine. It turned out to be anxiety due to board exams. Just a telephone call to Bhairavi Mehta and she promptly helped with a distant healing session. Along with Bhairavi’s help and other treat my daughter has been confidently appearing for her exams.”
– Dr. Mona Singh

” As a director of a design firm Design Centric, that deals with creative designs in the digital world and growing up in a family of medical practitioners, it was nothing less than a miracle when all hopes were given up for a dead friend, who was in coma after a severe cardiac arrest.When doctors and medical science gave up hope, and final blow to me was to put him through euthanasia.
I turned to you Bhairavi, to help my friend as you were the only hope I could think of. You instantly lent me your support through Reconnective Healing sessions and made it possible for him to not only come out of this comatose condition but also helped him heal and want to take care of himself thereafter.
Bhairavi I strongly recommend you to all those like me, which want to seek support beyond medical science to help then with their dear ones.”
– Antara Sadh

“I came to Bhairavi and spoke in detail that I wanted to change my nature. She explained to me about Reconnective Healing and how it could help all of us in our life. She gave me 2 healing sessions and facilitated Reconnection for me, within a months time I was getting my confidence to the positive level and even was able to control my anger. I thank Bhairavi for the Healing sessions which changed my life completely .”
– Sanket Kathrani

“I took an appointment with her for my wife as she was suffering from Insomnia. With a very skeptical mind she aggred to see her. Bhairavi facilitated 3 Reconnective Healing sessions for her. After the first session she could see those positive signs. During the first healing session itself she started snoring.
I would recommend German to each and every healthy/unhealthy people whoever I meet for healthier life. ”
– Nilesh Shah

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