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Arpita Mitra Gupta

Title: Hypnotherapist and Mind Science Specialist

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Integrated Hypnotherapy
  • Family Constellation
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Energy Imbalance Diagnosis and Cleansing
  • Metaphor Therapy
  • Play Therapy

Services Offered:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Family Constellation
  • Metaphor Therapy
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Child and Teen Counselling
  • Aura Exploration and Cleansing
  • Chakra Diagnosis and Cleansing
  • Certified Training Programs
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Empowerment Workshops
  • Meditations

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, and Bengali

Nationality: Indian


Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Hypnotherapist, EKAA/ Illuminations, India/ UAE
  • Certified Trainer for Hypnotherapy Level 1, EKAA/ Illuminations, India/ UAE
  • Certified Facilitator for Family Constellations – Illuminations, India/UAE
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy, TASSO Institute, Netherlands
  • Metaphor Therapy – The Counselling Company/ Illuminations, India/UAE
  • Child and Teen Counselling- The Counselling Company/ Illuminations, India/UAE
  • Applied Psychology – The Counselling Company/ Illuminations, India/UAE
  • MBA, Human Resources, International Management Institute, India
  • B.Sc. Economics, Presidency College, India
  • Certified Trainer and Facilitator, Carlton Advanced Management Institute



  • Certified Trainer for Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy – EKAA
  • Certified Hypnotherapist – International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • Professional Member – European Association for Regression Therapy
  • Qualified Member – International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

About Arpita:

Arpita is a Holistic Therapist & Corporate Wellness Facilitator at the Illuminations Well-being Center dedicated to assisting her clients to uncover their hidden blocks and patterns that are deeply embedded in their subconscious mind. She focuses on deep healing techniques that empower her clients to be free to choose and embrace a life that they aspire towards.

She is passionate about mental health and well-being, and finds joy in empowering individuals to find their path to balance, happiness and harmony through understanding and breaking self-limiting belief systems and releasing repressed emotions and energy entanglements.

In her private consultations, Arpita focuses on healing through Integrated Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Family Constellations & Metaphor Therapy, empowering her clients to take full responsibility of their lives. Her focus is to provide clarity for her clients to uncover their potential and inner power to propel personal growth. Her approach is based on compassion and self-empowerment.

Arpita is a Certified Trainer and Corporate Wellness Facilitator and conducts training programs, workshops, and seminars with the aim of spreading the knowledge and awareness of Mind Sciences to the world.

Arpita also works with families, including children and teens, to restore balance in the family system, assist families and members to achieve their highest potential, expression, and identity with love and harmony.

In her personal quest to find balance and harmony in life, she left behind a successful career in the corporate sector and started her journey of self-discovery, development, and spiritual awareness.

Arpita is an MBA and has over 14 years of experience in the Corporate Sector in Human Resources and General Management, which she now harnesses to create and deliver Corporate Training and Wellness Programs.

Arpita is a doting mum of twins, and happily balances her family and passion for Holistic Healing and Therapy. She is an animal lover, a complete foodie, and an avid reader. She is an enthusiastic Solo Traveler and every time she returns from her adventure trips, she is full of new stories, humbling experiences, and awareness that she fondly shares with her family, friends, and clients.


As a medical doctor myself, I admire Arpita’s approach of conceptualizing then handling a client’s case. Based on this, I have selectively chosen her to provide me with my first ever session to experience hypnotherapy as a client. Arpital is also one of the most amazing and thoughtful teachers that I have met. I am lucky to have had learned hypnotherapy first level from her and have attended several support groups therafter. I had the chance also of attending other online and on-ground workshops that she provided. I do recommend Arpita unconditionally.

~ Dr. Amal Saadallah

I had the pleasure to attend the Level 1 Basic Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy course with Arpita Mitra Gupta, and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Arpita is very inspiring and passionate about her teachings. I look forward to attending Levels 2,3,4 and 5. Also, I really liked the atmosphere at Illuminations Well-being Centre, the lovely people working at reception, all together it was deeply refreshing and positive. Will definitely visit again to attend other training programs.”

~ Anissa S. 👏💙

I had the opportunity to experience family constellation workshop with Arpita, not knowing what to expect, i just dived deep into the day and promised myself i will benefit from it no matter what, and the result was mind blowing, The scenes you see and your own constellation are somehow all connected and there is sort of a lesson from each one of them, and having Arpita holding the space with her lovely personality is what made the whole workshop successful, she is just an amazing being who has passion for what she does and makes healings happen so easily and calmly and gives you that feeling of familiarity

Kind regards,

~ Yara Fam Con

Upcoming Events with Arpita:



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