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Anne Austin

Title: International Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium, Seer & Spiritual Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Clairvoyance, Mediumship & Psychic
  • Colour & Crystal healing
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Ayurvedic
  • Sand-Reading sessions
  • Encaustic Wax Life Soul Path Art
  • Past Life Regression

Services Offered: Private Consultations, Workshops, Awareness Seminars

Languages Spoken: English, French & German

Nationality: British (Scottish)

anne illuminations

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Clairvoyance Medium & Psychic
  • Yoga: Hatha & Raja – UK & Bali
  • Ayurvedic diet, massage aromatherapy & remedies for ailments – Brunei
  • Colour & Crystal Healing – UK
  • Reiki Master Level – UK
  • Encaustic wax art for life soul path work – Australia
  • Sand Readings – UK
  • Flower Essence Healing – USA
  • Spiritual healing – UK
  • Sound Healing – Australia

About Anne:

Born in the Highlands of Scotland. Anne has the gifts of a seer, inherited from her Irish grandmother, she followed an academic career and pursued her profession while studying many healing modalities.

She travels worldwide following her spiritual path, giving workshops, healing, consultations and demonstrations. Anne Austin is an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, healer, channeller, author whose lightwork takes her to many countries. These include Australia, USA, UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Greek Islands, Cyprus and Japan.

In these sessions, regular and in depth, she gives tools of light to give clarity to the issues of the client. There is a strong healing component including Ayurvedic advice and 3 relevant past lives. Anne’s session as a channeller gives amazing clarity and help to those who have emotional, material, spiritual dilemmas.


Dear Anne,
Thank you both for a wonderful Mind & Spirit weekend of confrontation, reflection, empowerment and healing. Your sessions balanced and enhanced each other in both method and tone. Your comfort level with each other, and equal participation in the whole day’s proceedings enriched and deepened my own experiences. Anne, your afternoon sessions were gentle and peaceful and totally in keeping with the diurnal rhythm of the days. Your honesty, personal integrity and spiritual gifts enriched my life for the two days during which we interacted, and the subsequent weeks as the benefits continue to compound exponentially. Your messages of inspiration, hope, love, trust and empowerment prompted me to complete some long-overdue emotional and spiritual ‘housekeeping’ and I feel ready to move forward with the next stage of my personal life and career goals, a little freer of the clutter and baggage I have been carrying over the preceding weeks, months and even years. Your processes and personal interactions reminded me that I am here as a spirit to have a bodily experience and to trust the process of my life. I treasure the tangible outcomes of my interactions with Spirit, especially the wonderful crayon picture of my life trend, which I find to be both validating of my life to this point and encouraging of the way forward.
I look forward to further processing the insights and reflections from this powerful weekend and moving forward with my life with a renewed sense of purpose in my soul’s journey and the lightness that comes from letting go of old burdens. I know you will be a blessing to others for many years to come, as you continue with your unique and highly skilled approach to promoting insights, guiding healing and restoring confidence and joy in our pathway through life. I look forward to additional opportunities to join with you and enjoy the emotional and spiritual benefits that come from spending time with you.
Thank you
Elizabeth Noske

I have known Dorothy Anne Austin for 28 years. She is a gifted and a fountain of motherly love. My sessions with her have all been inspiring and expansive, and I feel so uplifted after each session. Anne helps me to regain my clarity and she is able to clear so much ancestral stuff and help me align with my highest purpose. Anne is a delightful, wise person and also an exceptionally gifted clairvoyant. She brings insight and healing to a very wide range of situations, e.g. physical and mental health, relationships and many other aspects of life.
I have learned a lot from her, a lot about the beauty and complexity of creation. I feel she is a gift from God. I cannot thank her enough for her wisdom, generosity, and kindness. With all my heart and deepest appreciation and gratitude for all that she does.
Thank you.
Dr. Rosline Sandai

Anne Austin is an incredibly rare, authentic, and gifted lady. I have had countless readings with Anne over the last ten years and recommend everyone whom I care about to visit her for a session. She is a most inspiring woman whose natural gift of healing comes through her work, she is incredibly sensitive and caring to your needs and always sees the positive message, I always feel uplifted, clearer, stronger and inspired after seeing her. I have always said about Anne that through her gifts of healing and insight she helps one to find their inner strength, courage, and inspiration to be a better person, one who is connected to the whole. She helps me remember that I belong! Anne is the most accurate person I have ever had a reading with and myself, my family and friends literally do consider her as the gospel due to her absolute accuracy every time. Anne is a genuine seer, one who truly works in truth and I feel very lucky to have found her.
Caroline Evans

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Anne Austin. She’s an amazing woman with great gifts. I’m looking forward to seeing her again at her next visit.
Best regards
Simone Osswald

Anne Austin is currently not instructing any classes.

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