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Afaf is a medical doctor whom after few years of practicing western medicine, came to realize that she has different life calling and different path. She started studying management, quality and leadership domains, proved to be highly skilled and influential trainer and business consultant. Through her day to day contact with training participants, it became very clear to her that people need more than knowledge to be able to achieve, they used to ask her for advice and solutions for their personal dilemmas, she soon felt the urge to study something different to answer their questions.

She studied NLP and became Certified Master NLP Practitioner, she came across family constellation, which is very profound and deep approach that really creates inner peace and provides transgenerational healing. She was amazed with the philosophy behind family constellation and the orders of love that she teaches in most of her regular work. She expanded the use of systemic approach in healing organizational trauma and in Health and illness. Being in constant professional and personal development, always seeking the highest knowledge given from its source, the best of the best living masters, she decided to study with the source Bert Hellinger, since 2011 she is attending training and constellation workshops in Europe almost every 2 months. Afaf has the support of inner gifts, which include highly tuned sensitivity, inner strength, expressiveness, and intuition. All of these resources complement and support one major life theme: emotional expression.

Whether through speaking, teaching, consulting, she finds joy in moving others emotionally, perhaps moving them to action, to change, or to happiness. Her effectiveness comes from an ability to speak with feeling —not just from the mind, but from the heart. Afaf is a very passionate & serious about her work yet very gentle, very helpful in every possible way, she has her own unique way to empower women, believing that woman are the core of development and success.

Afaf Omar is currently not instructing any classes.