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Neus Ventura

Title: Subconscious Mind Expert and Theta Meditation Master

Holistic Approaches Include:

– Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (DNA Icon)

– Intuitive Support & Guidance (Body of Woman Icon)

– Hormonal Health Meditation Support (Lady doing meditation Icon)

– Integration & Mentoring for Healers

Services Offered:

– Meditations

– Workshops

– Seminars

– Training

– Private Sessions

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian

Nationality: Spanish


Certifications & Qualifications:

Theta Healer Master Instructor

– Basic DNA

– Advanced DNA

– Dig Deeper

– Disease And Disorder

– DNA 3

– You And Your Significant Other

– You And The Creator

– You And Your Inner Circle

– You And The Earth

– Intuitive Anatomy

– Manifesting And Abundance

– Planes Of Excistence

– Rainbow Children

– Soul Mate

– World Relations

About Neus:

Neus Ventura is a Spanish teacher that works internationally. Since childhood, there have been clear gifts and highly sensitive qualities. She grew up into a family of artists that led her first into studying architecture and creating exhibitions to have to deal with her own stress and chronic health issues that truly became her awakening.

Neus healed completely and has been supported for more than 8 years now stress and nervous system health related issues especially around women’s hormonal health. She has created her own program to support women in this specific process.

Neus is a Master Theta Healer and Certificate of Science Instructor and has taught over 120 courses to almost 2500 students from more than 17 countries. She loves recording her podcast Intuitivas, singing and all forms of art. She spends a lot of time in nature and loves sailing.


Cornelia H.: Neus is my all time favourite Theta Healing teacher. Her amazing connection with source and her intuitive abilities always give me the best advice when it comes to reading what is going on in my life. Her teachings have been an inspiration and a blessing. I’m forever grateful to her natural gifts and her angelic energy. When it comes to personal reading sessions, She has proven to be so humble but without a doubt the best intuitive reader ever!

Joyce O.: Neus is a super powerful embodiment teacher who knows how to hold you in your deepest place possible. Her space-holding container feels safe for women, especially women of color. If you are looking to step into total body love and heal shame around your body and sensuality, she’s your teacher. I loved being held by her.

Valia T.: Neus holds a wise, powerful and loving space all at once. She opens your mind, frees your heart and awakens your spirit so you can live more in your body. I truly love her teachings and the gifts she brings with them. She helped me in my fertility journey and cannot be more grateful to her. I truly recommend to any woman that wants to evolve into the best version of themselves.

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