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Metaphor Therapy Training

Metaphor Therapy is a revolutionized approach to Basic Psychology, where a therapist uses metaphorical expressions to interpret issues and the core complication in greater precision. A Metaphor therapist is trained to diagnose hidden blocks in the subconscious through drawing therapy.

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    What is Metaphor Therapy?

    In recent years, Illuminations has become the most well-renowned institute to train for practitioner courses in self- development, holistic healing, and mental wellbeing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

    A therapist who has completed the ‘metaphor therapy’ curriculum is trained to diagnose hidden blocks in the subconscious through drawing therapy.

    Metaphor Therapy is a conversational tool that allows the practitioner to dive into a person’s minds through a very cognitive yet subtle process and create profound perception without disturbing the emotional equilibrium.

    At Illuminations, we welcome you into the world of Metaphor Therapy Training and teaching in Dubai and around the globe, with leading professionals in the field.

    About the Metaphor Therapy Training Program:

    Illuminations Training Academy brings carefully curated courses to cater to the growing interest of individuals seeking a flourishing career in various holistic healing modalities.

    The substantial ability of our subconscious mind reserves emotions and experiences in the form of visuals. When we talk about deeper sentiments, these visuals formulate into metaphoric words and thus help to reveal the concealed underlying meaning of compilations in one’s life.

    Through this training course, you will be able to learn the subtle yet powerful technique with renowned experts who will guide you through the process involving:


    Identifying a metaphor
    Developing Metaphors
    Working with the metaphor
    Mature change

    Interpretation of Drawings
    Colour Psychology
    Conveying the implications
    Making Therapeutic Changes
    Symbolic Space and Time

    Developing Imagination
    Leading word pictures
    Interpreting the elements of imagination

    Projective Technique
    Associative Technique

    Progressive Technique

    At Illuminations, we will help you master the art of streamlining and controlling the Verbal, Drawing, and Imaginary metaphors and transform your perception of life.

    Come and unleash your inner potential!

    Illuminations is one of the few professional training institutes that conducts regular Metaphor Therapy Training Classes.

    Benefits of Metaphor Therapy:

    The benefits of Metaphor Therapy are countless.

    Training in Metaphor Therapy helps to:

    • Rework our perspective and unlock contemporary ways of thinking
    • Think flexibly.
    • Evoke emotions and empathic tones
    • Comprehend emotions better than words alone, as metaphors use both words and visualizations.
    • Greater insight by associating a concept with an example that we understand well in everyday life.
    • Serve as reminders in our everyday life that helps clients keep positive and reinforce the therapeutic concepts and insights between sessions.

    About The Curriculum

    The Curriculum, Levels & Pricing:

    Level Course Name Number of Days Pricing
    Level One Basic Metaphor Therapy 8 hours x 2days  = 16 hours AED 1350/- + 5% VAT
    Level Two Advanced Metaphor Therapy 8 hours x 2days  = 16 hours AED 1650/- + 5% VAT



    • Certification from Illuminations Training Center affiliated with IPHM
    • Course Manuals, Handouts, Pen, Notepad
    • Refreshment Breaks (Coffee/Tea/Water; Morning & Evening Snacks)

    Metaphor Therapy: Basic Class

    Metaphor Therapy is a commonly popular tool used by many psychologists to understand the client’s subconscious mind beliefs and imagination through the analysis of their drawing and use of colors. This skill is known as the use of Metaphors in Counselling & Healing.

    Analysis of metaphor therapy brings greater insight into the presenting issue the client comes in with. This modality is a fantastic additional training towards your holistic practice and is extremely effective when working with children!



    This course teaches you to find out and decode the hidden/core meaning behind the presenting issue the client comes with and combines theory and practice where participants are able to work with the following:

    • Metaphors save time by providing a direction.
    • Research Findings on Metaphors
    • The Mind, Metaphor, and Health
    • Ten Case Study VERBAL METAPHOR
    • Identify a metaphor
    • Developing Metaphors
    • Work with the metaphor
    • Mature changes DRAWING METAPHORS
    • Interpretation of Drawings

    Metaphor Therapy: Advanced Class

    Dive into the enriched world of images, colors, and visuals. As the world of visuals offers a rich pool of information about us and our clients, the deeper imagery makes astonishing revelations that can be pleasantly surprising.

    For those of us who are already familiar with the rich world of Metaphors, let us go one step forward with the Advanced Metaphor Therapy Workshop.

    The workshops aim to offer the following: 

    • Assistive Technique and Scripts
    • Integrating Projections
    • Elemental Work
    • Weaving, Scripting, and Decoding
    • Client Generated and Supportive Metaphors
    • Ability to get into the depth of the basic world of metaphors


    The course is primarily practice-oriented with demonstrations and case studies. The participants will largely benefit in terms of supervised work and concrete feedback on skill integration.

    About the Practitioner: KIRTI BAKSHI

    kirti bakshi

    Kirti Bakshi

    Kirti Bakshi is the founder & director of the counseling company in Mumbai. With a background in psychology, counseling, hypnosis, and philosophy, Kirti conceptualized her own method of healing using images and visualization, which are rooted in the depths of your subconscious mind.

    The content of Metaphor Therapy was developed by Kirti deriving insights from 15 years’ experience in counseling, training, education psychology, and Indian Philosophy. She is highly recognized in India for her unique work, and the results have been validated by over 2,000 clients and students alike.


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