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Life Scripting is a holistic healing and manifestation modality. It is based on four principles: Breath – Energy – Intuition – Words. A technique to heal and empower oneself to attain the path of Self-Mastery.

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    About the Life Scripting Training

    Illuminations Training Academy brings carefully curated courses to cater to the growing interest of individuals seeking a flourishing career in various holistic healing modalities. 

    This practitioner course is created and designed by Maria Leonard, founder of Life Scripting.

    Through channelling and integrating her experience of various healing modalities comes this life-transforming tool to train individuals who are seeking to activate and increase their intuitive abilities, heal deep-rooted life patterns, be in touch with their gifts and sacred power, receive guidance from ascended masters and angels, and to be of service to humanity and planet earth in truth, love and light.

    Benefits Of Life Scripting

    • Uplift your mind-body-soul by tapping into the powers of your breath, energy, intuition and words
    • Acheive a sense of self-confidence, and soul mastery by discovering your talents and purpose
    • Feel liberated as you no longer feel like a victim of your past and genetic attachments
    • Vibrate at a higher level of consciousness, thus attracting anything that you desire
    • Enhance your spiritual understanding with powerful tools to manifest the life you always wanted
    • Helps declutter any negative spaces

    Affiliations & Certifications


    After completion of the training, a certificate will be awarded from Illuminations.

    International Certification: The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) has been developed to provide the general public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all qualified to recognised levels.


    The Curriculum, Levels And Pricing

    Level 1

    The Life Scripting fundamentals sessions will broadly cover the following topics:

    • Introduction to Akashic Records and ways to connect with it
    • Learning about the Akashic chambers and its functions
    • Using connected breathing to increase oxygen levels to 99%, increasing your intuition, and cleansing your body physically and emotionally
    • Getting identified with your higher self and energy bodies
    • Increasing vibrations through the process of energy downloads
    • Establishing the power of words and intentions with yourself and clients to re-script their lives



    November 25th – 26th, 2023



    10 am – 5 pm



    Regular: AED 2200+VAT

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    Level 2

    The next level will further discuss the following topics:

    • Learning the birth script and perinatal psychology
    • How to guide a full Life Scripting breathwork session
    • Discovering various breathing exercises and their benefits
    • Learning about Epigenetic Science, and Stages of mind transformation
    • Cleansing energy bodies and meridians
    • Creating empowering statements and affirmations 
    • Aspects of Intuitive healing, and Ascension
    • Transmuting Karmic patterns
    • Integrating Akashic records and higher planes of existence
    • Tap into the power Visualization and Conscious Manifestation Meditation



    December 2nd – 3rd, 2023



    10 am – 5 pm 



    Regular: AED 3700+VAT

    Grab the Special Discount Offer – Only for the first 3 Clients only

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    About The Facilitator


    Maria Leonard

    Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Speaker &

    Founder of Life Scripting

    Maria Leonard is a Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Speaker and the founder of Life Scripting; a Holistic Healing and Manifestation Modality. Maria has always been fascinated about human psychology, metaphysics and esoteric teachings.  By using her intuitive gift, she helps you see what’s holding you back in life and gives you the tools to manifest your heart’s desires. She has extensively studied with many different master healers such as Leonard Orr & Sondra Ray (Rebirthing Breathwork), Tamra Oviatt (Sacred Activations and Akashic Records), and explored the teachings of Dr. Joe  Vitale, Tony Robbins to name a few.

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