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Hypnotherapy is one of the most powerful and probably the safest tool at our disposal to transform our lives. Our Hypnotherapy Training Curriculum in collaboration with EKAA aims to impart professional quality education to individuals who are seeking a fulfilling career and making a positive difference through the powerful approach of hypnotherapy.

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    About the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Training

    Looking to establish your career in the growing field of well-being? Illuminations is now the most popular training & education center for holistic healing practitioners & wellness entrepreneurs in the UAE with over 4000+ students trained!

    Hypnotherapy involves accessing the subconscious mind for the purpose of healing, simply by altering the state of the conscious mind. The purpose of hypnotherapy is to facilitate a process in which individuals release unwanted habits and negative patterns, and create positive associations.

    The Illuminations Integrated Hypnotherapy curriculum in association with EKAA, not only empowers individuals to obtain a professional qualification as a Hypnotherapist, but also contributes to providing a wonderful platform for personal growth and self-development for the individual undergoing the training.

    International Certifications & Affiliations



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    About EKAA Hypnosis Institute


    Training over 1500 STUDENTS in the UAE SINCE 2008!

    EKAA (Previously known as the California Hypnosis Institute of India or CHII) is the FIRST & Only ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Hypnotherapy Training Institute in India. In 2011 EKAA decided to join hands with Dubai based well-being center Illuminations in a new initiative to expand its services in the Middle East. EKAA courses are affiliated with the International Medical and Dental Health Association, TASSO UNIVERSITY HOLLAND, and various bodies in the US, UK allowing individuals to practice in over 23 countries.

    EKAA courses are affiliated with the International Medical and Dental Health Association, TASSO UNIVERSITY HOLLAND, and various bodies in the US, UK allowing students to practice in over 23 countries.

    About the Integrated Hypnotherapy Approach

    Integrated Hypnotherapy is based on the integrated approach by bringing our awareness to the chain linking Thoughts-Emotions-Energies-Physical Body. At all times, we operate through 4 bodies or 4 levels of existence:

    • Thoughts, which control our causal body.
    • Emotions, which control our astral body.
    • Energies, which control the body of our Chakras/Auras.
    • Physical body/perceptive reality, which controls our brain.

    Students are extensively trained to work with a variety of the following tools in conjunction with the traditional classical hypnotherapeutic approach to access the subconscious mind through the various levels of our existence, and therefore qualify as integrated Hypnotherapists:

    • Classical Hypnotherapy to work with the deep subconscious issues.
    • Emotional Empowerment Technique (Tapping Meridians for Emotional Release)
    • Energy Diagnosis through crystal healing known as Radical Healing
    • Basic NLP
    • Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Inner Child Work, Journey of the Souls, Higher Self Therapy
    • Cognitive Therapy
    • Guided Breath work
    • Rhythmic Relaxation Techniques (RRT)

    Uniqueness: Why Are We Different?

    Classical Hypnotherapy is very effective in achieving long lasting resolutions, because it focuses on change at the thought level where problems begin. However, the integrated approach mentioned above, is much quicker because it focuses on change at every level including thought, thereby cutting short the reach to recovery for a client, to the shortest possible time.

    The Curriculum, Levels & Pricing:

    Foundation Level 0 (Optional)

    Course Name

    Introduction: The Science of Mind Power with Self Hypnosis

    Number of Days

    2 Hours


    AED 100/- + 5%VAT

    Level 1

    Course Name

    Basic Integrated Hypnotherapy

    Number of Days

    2 Days (9am – 6pm)


    AED 1400/-5%VAT

    Level 2

    Course Name

    Advanced Integrated Modalities for Behavioral Resolution

    Number of Days

    4.5 Days (9am – 5pm & 6p – 10pm)


    AED 3300/- 5%VAT

    Level 3

    Course Name

    Advanced Modalities for Life Resolution

    Number of Days

    4.5 Days (9am – 5pm & 6pm–10pm)


    AED 3300/- 5%VAT

    Level 4

    Course Name

    Metaphysical Hypnotherapy

    Number of Days

    6 Days


    AED 4000/- 5%VAT

    Level 5

    Course Name

     Integrated Hypnotherapy through Integrated Healing

    Number of Days

    8 Days


    AED 5300/- 5%VAT

    Affiliations and Certifications:


    After completing all five stages, you will be required to complete ten case studies, which is approximately 120 hours, given in a specific format to qualify and receive a practitioners certification as a Hypnotherapist (CH.t) issued by the California Hypnosis Institute of India. You will also have to complete an online physiology and anatomy exam, before case submission.

    Affiliated with:

    International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) which allows you to practice in more than 23 countries


    The International Alliance of Professional Hypnotists is the parent company of the International Association of Counselors


    European Association of Regression Therapists (EARTH) European Association of Regression Therapists


    The International Association of Counselors and Therapists is a premier association for holistic practitioners


    Tasso International Institute Holland – POST GRADUATE COURSES (refer to post graduate section for further details)



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    • Pre-Pay & Pre-Register in Advanced for levels 1-2 and receive 10% off total bill
    • Pre-Pay & Pre-Register in advanced for levels 1-5 and receive 20% off total bill
    What does hypnosis feel like?

    The experience is different for different people. For most people, however, hypnosis is a pleasant state of deep inner calm and physical relaxation. Deep hypnosis is similar in many ways to the kind of profound trance found in expert yoga or meditation practitioners.

    What is the origin of the science of hypnosis?

    Modern psychological hypnosis was first developed in 1843 by the Scottish physician James Braid. However, it has its origins in an earlier form of trance healing called ‘Mesmerism’, after the famous Eighteenth century Austrian Franz Anton Mesmer.

    Does hypnosis work?

    Yes. Hypnosis has fascinated psychologists and medical professionals for over a century and has been subject to a great deal of rigorous testing and research. It also has an enviable and long-standing reputation for effectiveness among the general public.

    Is hypnosis safe?

    Absolutely. There are no known records of anyone having been physically or mentally harmed as a direct result of hypnosis itself. It is utterly impossible for anyone to get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis.

    What is hypnotherapy?

    Hypnotherapy is basically any therapy done in conjunction with hypnotic trance. It is often classed as a form of complementary medicine but is perhaps better viewed as a branch of psychotherapy. Hypnosis is not an occult or esoteric art, it is a scientifically acknowledged psychological and therapeutic discipline. When a registered psychotherapist employs hypnosis alongside other forms of psychotherapy this is technically known as ‘hypno-psychotherapy’. Hypnotherapists tend to use an integrative approach, which may combine programs of direct verbal suggestion or visualization with ‘analytic’ psychotherapy techniques such as age regression.

    Is it officially recognized?

    ‘Hypnotism’ is legally acknowledged and defined by the Hypnotism Act 1952, in the UK Book of Statutes.

    In their 1892 Hypnotism Report, the British Medical Association (BMA) officially recognize the hypnotic trance: ‘The Committee, having completed such investigation of hypnotism as time permitted, have to report that they have satisfied themselves of the genuineness of the hypnotic state.’ The Committee also acknowledged that ‘as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments’ (BMA, 1892).

    In 1955 a follow-up report was commissioned which endorsed the findings of the original 1892 Committee, and added the conclusions that ‘hypnotism is of value and may be the treatment of choice in some cases of so-called psycho-somatic disorder and psychoneurosis. It may also be of value for revealing unrecognized motives and conflicts in such conditions. As a treatment, in the opinion of the Subcommittee it has proved its ability to remove symptoms and to alter morbid habits of thought and behavior. In addition to the treatment of psychiatric disabilities, there is a place for hypnotism in the production of anesthesia or analgesia for surgical and dental operations, and in suitable subjects it is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labor.’ (BMA, 1955)

    What are the Benefits of Undergoing Hypnotherapy Sessions?

    Hypnotherapy helps resolve concerns in the following areas:

    Stopping Unwanted Habits & Addictions: Smoking, Alcohol, Food, Nail Biting

    Release Fears & Phobias: Public Speaking, Claustrophobia, Commitment,

    Overcome Stress & Anxiety Related Issues: Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Stress Reduction & elimination, insomnia, lack of concentration

    Relationship Issues: Improving Communication, Triggering Emotions, Abuse, Marriage Counseling, Acceptance & Forgiveness

    Positive Re-Enforcement to Adopt New Behaviors & Awaken Dormant Potential: Confidence, Self-Love, Self Esteem, Positivity, Happiness, Creativity

    Childhood Issues & Traumas: Inner Child Therapy, Passive Aggressive Behavior, Repetitive Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Patterns

    Heal Emotional Issues: Anger & Irritation, Heartbreak, Sadness, Separation, Relationships

    Regain Deeper Personal Awareness & Spiritual Growth Connect to One’s Sacred Inner Space, Deeper Awareness of life lessons & learnings karmic release & healing, energetic cord cutting, higher self-therapy, foreign energy release, aura exploration and mind-body-spirit cleansing.

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