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How to Deal with Negative Thinking and When to ask for help

Have you ever heard the inner-critic voice that constantly tells you that you’re not good enough? It makes you believe that you’re bad at your job or that you’re always letting down your loved ones. Well, it’s time to break this negative bubble in your head. These harmful and anxious thoughts eventually become truths that your mind relies on and have a devastating effect on your life. As said by Anais Nin, we do not see things as they are but we see them as we are. This tells us that our beliefs shape our mind which in turn guides our actions.

How to recognize Negative Thinking

Most people are of the opinion that our thoughts are above and beyond our control and that there is nothing we can do to stop. However, it has been found that reversing your thinking patterns positively can have a very big, positive impact on one’s life. The negative thoughts form a repetitive approach and pervade all areas of our life and cause harm to our mental well-being. . They cause feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, pressure, unworthiness, etc. Thus, it is very important to recognize these negative behaviors and thought patters and put a stop to them. To know how to halt these pessimistic thought patterns, watch Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia from Team Illuminations, Dubai explain how to take the first step towards healing yourself as well elaborate on how and in which areas Hypnotherapy works to better yourself.

Steps to overcome Negative Thinking

1. Identify negative thought patterns.


Consciously count how many negative thoughts you have in a day. You can gauge and see whether they are regarding your job or your family and see which areas of your life make up for your most pessimistic thinking. Once you identify which aspects you are unhappy with, you can move forward with modifying the negative logic behind it.

2. Take responsibility of these feelings.


It is very important for you to accept and process that you are experiencing these feelings and emotions. In denial, you will not be able to turn them around positively. Once you take responsibility and trace the origin of these feelings, you will be awakened with the possibility of transformation for these negative feelings.

3. Challenge the negativity!


Whenever you come across a negative thought, question it. Check its accuracy. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what your reaction or advice would be to a friend feeling these things. Question whether the negativity is a fact or just your own, biased opinion. Most times, you’ll come to realize how one-sided and subjective your emotions are by yourself.

4. Avoid generalizing!


Do not generalize an error or one mistake in anything as to you being incompetent or bad at doing anything. Reaching the conclusion that ‘I’ve bad at my job’ after just one mistake at work opens you up for many negative thinking patterns and can cause havoc in your life.

5. Surround yourself with positive people.


The company you keep is a testament to how content and happy your mind space will be. If you surround yourself with people who push you and are supportive in nature, you will be in a better and positive mindset than if you were around people who are fearful and harmful.

6. Seek professional help.


In the case that you do not know how to begin this journey of dealing with your negative thoughts and your mind is numb with cynical and negative feelings, it might be time to turn towards a professional for help. There are a variety of powerful methods that help better a person’s mind, body and spirit. Counseling in Dubai can be found at well-ness center, Illuminations, where trained psychotherapists create a healthy dialogue and work towards removing negative thoughts and actions. They implement the ideology of changing your thinking to change your life. These methods help to battle symptoms of depression and depressive tendencies as they are also fueled by negative thought patterns.


Another method to remove and reduce unwanted and unhelpful thoughts is through Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy helps one get unstuck and it does this by accessing the subconscious mind to later beliefs that guide the daily behavior of the individual. Individuals are guided into and hypnotic state like trance, where they are in a state of deep relaxation with heightened focus and concentration. In this state, they are guided by hypnotherapists to modify any harmful beliefs they hold that affect their life. To know more or to book a session, visit the Illuminations website. If you’re ready to change the perception of your life, head over to Illuminations in Dubai for courses and sessions of Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis, counseling and the like.

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