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How to Become a Crystal Healer

Are you inspired by the constant drive and enthusiasm to heal others and help them transform their lives? Are you passionate or curios about the Power of Crystals & their healing properties? If you are experiencing a calling towards Crystal Healing & Crystal Therapy and its numerous benefits, we are here with the optimum breakdown on how you can help others through the power of crystals.

What is Crystal Healing?


We all know that everything around us, from the Universe to even the strands of our hair, is all made up of energy. The practice of Crystal Healing taps into this energy. With the help of crystals, a Crystal Healer can direct, focus and unblock energy in our bodies, according to each person’s needs and requirements. It essentially balances the level of energy in our bodies which may have become stagnant and eventually causes diseases and illnesses over time. Healers at Illuminations Well-Being center talk about the power of Crystal Healing in detail. This approach detoxifies the body, balances the chakras, and reduces pains and aches and a lot more!

What does it mean to be a Crystal Healer?


Crystal Healers are well versed with the usage and properties of many different crystals and stones in order to be able to use them in a healing session with their client. Crystal Healers are aware of the patterns and placement positions of the stones that will be of paramount benefit to provide relief to the person; this is reliant on the type of relief or support the client is looking for. Before the healing process begins, the Healer will begin with a consultation to why the client is here and what they are exactly looking for. This helps to customize the healing process for each individual.

Once the needs and wants of the client are well-known to the Healer, the client is made comfortable and then, he/she is asked to lie down. The Crystal Healer then places the crystals around the client’s body as per their needs; it could be placed for a period of 20 minutes to an hour. Crystal Therapy can be used as a complementary energy healing process as it has no negative side effects and the benefits are multiple. To know more about Crystals, watch a leading professional at Illuminations Well Being Centre elaborate on her Crystal Collection.

How does one become a Crystal Healer?


Crystal Therapy as an approach is made widely accessible as no prior knowledge of other healing techniques is required in order to register for a Crystal Healing Certified Course. If you are looking for Crystal Healing Training or Therapy in Dubai, Team Illuminations offers certified courses and training of its own, affiliated with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). There are two levels of training; a Basic and an Advanced Crystal Healing level. For further information on the extended curriculum, head to our website.

Illuminations is truly your one-stop destination for a Crystal Healing Centre in Dubai. You can shop a wide range of crystals with Team Illuminations and add to your Crystal Collection. Here’s how to carry and clean your Crystals as well.

If you are ready to balance and help adjust people’s energies to clear up their paths for them, then it’s time to sign up for the Crystal and Energy Healing Courses in Dubai at Illuminations today!

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