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How Hypnotherapy Can Heal Food Addictions & Cravings

A friend’s birthday implies a party, some cake followed by a few slices of pizza and finally, a whole chunk of chocolates and sweets! Do all of your thoughts keep revolving around unhealthy eating mannerisms, one way or the other?  You might be experiencing some negative-eating behaviour patterns that go way beyond the food you consume. Don’t worry, our therapists at Illuminations can help you manage this effectively.  Our Hypnotherapy services at Illuminations Well-Being Center utilize the powerful mind-body connection approach to resolving your weight loss issues with an elaborate journey through the dynamics of food addiction and cravings.

How to Recognize a Food Addiction?


Numerous individuals have unhealthy relationships with food. There are people who have a compulsive overeating problem, where they crave a particular type of food such as sugar or junk food and cannot overcome these urges to overeat. Another type of addiction is binge eating, where an individual eats a whole lot of food in a very short period of time. These urges arise during moments of stress, irrationality and pressure. Many times you can recognize you have a problem with your eating habits when:

  •   You always feel compelled to eat
  •   You continue to eat more even when you are full
  •   You constantly crave or think about a particular type of food
  •   You feel remorse of guilty once you are done eating
  •   Your weight or lack to reach your ‘goal weight’ hampers your self-esteem and confidence.
  •   You need to eat in order to reduce anxiety and or increase pleasure.

What causes these Food Addictions?


Many underlying social, psychological or even biological factors could be the source of this food addiction. Psychological trauma or intense emotional situations such as dealing with low self-esteem, experiencing a traumatic event, etc. can be the cause of your anxiety or harm. In order to console or comfort yourself, your subconscious mind jumps towards food as a coping mechanism. It could arise from a variety of reasons such as depression, anxiety or even social factors like isolation from peers or an unhealthy family environment. You can identify the root cause of weight gain as per your life events and circumstances, as explained by Team Illuminations, well-being centre in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mirdif.


Sometimes…the weight we need to lose, isn’t in our body!


To deal with the stress and uneasiness from these factors, our brain involves itself in making unhealthy eating choices, which become ingrained and habitual for our subconscious mind over time. With the passage of time, you fail to realize the magnitude of these detrimental habits that have been reinforced by our life experiences. Growing up,  particular foods might have been a stimulus to positive memories such as a baking session with your mother or to negative thoughts like anxiety and stress right before your exams.

How can you lose weight with Hypnotherapy?


During a Hypnotherapy session, the subconscious mind is accessed and retaught ‘how to view and think about food’. The subconscious mind unearths the underlying cause of your addiction and then, is offered suggestions to help retrain your thinking in a positive manner. Psychologist Nancy Mramor Kajuth, Ph.D, author of Get Reel: Produce Your Own Life, says that hypnosis aims at ‘pattern interruption’. This basically implies that hypnotherapy uses the subconscious mind to battle weight loss by interrupting harmful behavioural patterns that you have reinforced and learning new, positive behaviour patterns.


Does Hypnotherapy actually work for Weight Loss?


It has been seen that patients who received hypnotic treatment for obesity  showed greater improvement than 70% of the clients who received non-hypnotic treatment. Hypnotherapy for weight loss also helps in the following ways:


-It breaks habitual, harmful thoughts that eventually lead to food for comfort.

It teaches you the mindfulness of eating where the compulsion to eat gradually reduces and you become more thoughtful about the food you eat.

-It repairs underlying, root causes like depression, worry and anxiety and helps you move forward in your life.

-It reinforces positive thoughts about oneself, thus leading to healthier choices and actions when one feels loved and confident.

In case you’re looking for a method to tackle food addictions, give Hypnotherapy for weight loss in try with Illuminations Well-being centres in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Our team of therapists at  Illuminations provides a holistic weight loss program & weight management program that results in long-term, effective results. Head to our website to know more and sign up for a 30-minute free consultation!

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