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Learn Astrology , the scientific study of the stars and how their positions shape our lives, personality and choices!

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    What Is Astrology?

    There are many types and subtypes of Astrology. The most common is the ‘sun sign’ or ‘zodiac sign’. These are based on the position of the sun at the time of your birth. Although, these are the easiest to understand, they can provide very limited information. Other types include moon astrology, which is based on the position of the moon at the time of birth, birthday horoscope, which explains the significance of the day and date that you were born, and love astrology.

    Benefits of an Astrology Reading

    Understanding your astrology can make a profound difference in your life. It has various far reaching benefits including:

    • It can lead to a clearer understanding of current happenings
    • Better clarity on how and when to make major changes to maximise their potential
    • Being better prepared for future occurrences
    • A scientific understanding of the universe we live in
    • Increased success in your career, love life, and health

    Is Astrology Based on Scientific Principles?

    Yes! Greenstone Lobo is a renowned scientific astrologer with more than 2 decades of experience in Astrology and Learning and Development. He is well known for his sports based predictions, such as France winning the 2018 world cup before the tournament had even begun!

    The methodology used by him differs greatly from the Astrology practised by Indian and Western astrologers. Greenstone has researched the 5000-year-old cryptic scriptures of Rishi Parashar on the missing planets that the sage has described. He has worked on NASA’s domains to ‘re-discover’ these planets and include them in the astrological analysis using a special software.

    Greenstone Lobo has spent the past 25 years learning, and relearning the most accurate, science based approaches to understanding astrology. Through his workshops, he aims to demystify astrology and make it accessible to anyone who is interested in learning this science. The program is designed to help novices learn the best ways of interpreting birth charts and understand their significance.

    Greenstone Lobo has worked with renowned cricketers, Bollywood stars, politicians, and organizations such as NASA. He has 5000+ clients across the globe, and is well known for his workshops and seminars. If you are interested in making impactful changes in your life based on scientific astrology, Mr. Lobo’s workshops are the place to be.

    How Accurate Is Scientific Astrology?

    The uniqueness of Greenstone Lobo’s scientific astrological approach has led to some astonishingly accurate predictions. The conclusions drawn by Greenstone are believed to be much more accurate than any astrologer who has been previously consulted!

    Most astrologers believe that there are five Indian planets and four Western inclusions, which add up to nine planets in all. However, there are twelve zodiac signs. Each sign is ruled by a planet. This means there should be twelve planets in all.

    Greenstone has conducted detailed systematic research on the same across the past 25 years. With the help of the NASA website and scientists he has managed to locate those three missing links in astrology.  He found these planets in the Centaur belt of the solar system. He calls these celestial bodies Planet-X (2007 RH283), Planet-Y (1999 JV127) and Planet-Z (2008 FC76). The inclusion of these bodies have given him fantastic results (proved through the analysis of several horoscopes of celebrities as well as ordinary people) and an edge over other astrologers, with the ability to pinpoint and predict events with better accuracy.

    Book An Astrology Reading

    Illuminations Well Being Centre, located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Mirdif, has some of the best astrology workshops in the UAE. These workshops will help you understand each of the 12 sun and moon signs. It will also teach you how to understand and manage both yours, and others emotions based on their signs. Astrology can also help you build stronger, longer lasting relationships.

    We also offer private consultation astrology readings with Greenstone Lobo, in person at our centers or via distance through skype or telephone. Get Astonishingly Accurate Predictions about different areas of your life! The session will provide you with the insight, and clarity and guidance to make key decisions! The results will amaze you!

    • Relationship Compatibility
    • Career Growth & Business Clarity & Investment Opportunities
    • Health

    Certified Training in Scientific Astrology

    At Illuminations Well-being center in Dubai, we provide a unique opportunity to learn astrology in a simplified two-day training with astrologer, Greenstone Lobo.


    Benefits of the training:

    • Learn in 2 days (Plus 30 days of follow-up on Whatsapp) what is taught in 1 year or more in traditional schools.
    • Unravel the mysteries of your life and also demystify the lives of those who matter to you.
    • Decipher a horoscope like a pro using simpler, faster and duplicable techniques.
    • Improve your relationship with people in your lives.
    • Identify your destined path and excel in it
    • First step to being a professional Astrologer.


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