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Readings provide deeper wisdom, insight, and clarity on the present situation in order to reveal hidden blocks and guide us towards a space of harmony and balance.

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It is common practice, to predict when the next full moon or the next eclipse will be due to the timely pattern of nature. Since we too are unique products of natural phenomena, then why should it not be possible to predict events and happenings in our life?

At Illuminations, we offer guidance and clarity through various reading sessions that are deeply rooted in metaphysics, esoteric sciences, quantum physics, and ancient traditions in order to unravel the unconscious mental, emotional energetic, and spiritual patterns that are governing our life.

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Learn Astrology , the scientific study of the stars and how their positions shape our lives, personality and choices!

tarot reading

Tarot Card & Guidance Card Reading

Empowering and enlightening, you will learn how to actively create incredible outcomes.

Aura Reading in Dubai


The Aura or energy field, surrounds our physical body and can unravel a lot about the mind-body-energy state of a person, place or object. Understanding your aura can reveal a lot about you!