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Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy as a technique used hypnotherapy to take us back in time to reveal memories and traumas from past experiences to resolve current issues we are facing.

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    What Is Regression Therapy?

    Regression therapy works on the understanding that everything we are today is a result of our past. Our core beliefs, behavior patterns, and mental conditioning are shaped through previous experiences across time and space.

    Regression Therapy is a mature form of the ages-old practice of hypnotherapy, that allows your subconscious mind to go back in time to the cause that is triggering the issue in the present.

    Regression Therapy Involves:

      – Age Regression Healing & Therapy

     – Inner Child Healing & Therapy Therapy

     – Past Life Regression Therapy

     – Transpersonal Regression Therapy

    This therapeutic modality revolves around the belief that our mind acts as a subconscious canvas and throughout our lives – present of even reincarnation leaves an imprint which might not be evident but has a significant impact on our lives and the way we conduct ourselves on daily.

    Importance Of Regression Therapy

    Through the aspect of hypnosis, the practitioners are able to divulge the true identity which is carried in a spiritual or psychotherapeutic setting. It becomes of utmost importance to enhance our abilities and develop untouched emotions that may have turned to be chronic.

    When a therapist regresses you to an earlier time or a previous life, their goal is to help you resolve your problems in the present. They use regression techniques to find and resolve issues that might have settled into our mental and psychological framework.

    Benefits Of Regression Therapy

    The benefits of Regression Therapy are:

     – Identifies the causes (past experiences) triggering (present) current issues related to our beliefs, behavior patterns, and mental conditioning.

     – Releasing Toxicity from past experiences, and neutralizing its capacity to influence the present.

     – Increased self-awareness, clarity, mindfulness, and self-knowledge on life lessons and spiritual growth.

     – Elevating the ability to understand people and replenishing inner calm, self-acceptance, and self-confidence

     – It helps in the disappearing of psychosomatic complaints like low energy, tensions, hypersensitivities, etc.

     – Uncover talents and abilities from the past.

     – Releasing unwanted emotions like anxiety, stress, fear

     – Aligning with the purpose of soul and introduces platforms beyond the virtual cycle of life and death

    Private Consultation

    As a healing tool, Regression Therapy has the potential to release energy blocks, pain, fears, negative emotions and/or limiting beliefs, and clear negative karmas and past life contracts.

    Regression Therapy has also been shown to be effective in helping people to gain a better understanding of who they are, their relationships and what they are here to do.

    We at Illuminations Well-Being Dubai offer Regression Therapy Private Consultations Sessions with the leading professionals in the field to help you to elevate the burden and divulge the hidden!

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