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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a simple spiritual healing technique which makes use of naturally available energy. It is easy to learn and can help with stress management, relaxation, and all-around personal development.

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    What is Reiki Healing?

    Reiki helps improve the flow of energy within the body. Energy can get blocked at places of emotional or physical pain, which can result in illness. Reiki- a holistic form of energy healing, helps transfer universal energy from the spiritual healing hands of the practitioner to you, to help you regain a sense of balance, and cleanse your aura.

    Reiki healing courses are fast becoming one of the most sought after forms of alternative energy therapy in Dubai.

    How Does Reiki Work?

    Reiki is a unique energy healing therapy which works alongside other medical and therapeutic techniques. It works towards promoting recovery and reducing side effects which might be caused by complicated medical processes such as chemotherapy.

    Reiki Healing supplies your body with positive energy and channels it towards the parts of you that need it the most. The rush of positive energy can lead to an almost immediate feeling of relief and a visible reduction in stress levels. Reiki Therapy can help you improve your immunity levels, blood pressure, and heart rate, as well as restore a sense of balance and well being.

    Reiki Energy Therapy can be done in a variety of ways. A practitioner may use his or her hands, or various energy healing stones such as reiki stones, chakra healing stones, or healing gemstones during the spiritual healing session.

    Reiki stones activate the 7 chakras or energy centers in your body. These chakras are intricately connected to the way we think and feel. Once these healing energies are aligned, they can have powerful results on our physical, emotional and mental state.

    Chakra Crystals or Stones are healing crystals which have a specific color and vibration. Each crystal corresponds to a particular chakra, which in turn governs the bodily functions of the organs close to its location. Each chakra crystal works towards healing a variety of ailments. Acquiring proper knowledge of the same if the first step towards self-healing.

    Crystal Healing is another holistic form of Reiki healing which uses healing gemstones to direct energy towards affected areas in the body. It helps to flush away negative energy, thereby restoring a sense of balance to the individual.

    Alternative medicine centers are now emerging all over Dubai to meet the growing demand for Reiki courses.

    Where Can I Find Reiki Classes In Dubai?

    Illuminations Well Being Centre, located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Mirdif, offer a variety of Reiki Healing Therapies. We have some of the best energy healers, who are highly trained in their area of specialization.

    Reiki Healing Certification

    Illuminations Training Academy offers individuals the opportunities to become certified in a variety of holistic healing modalities, including Reiki healing. In recent time it has become one of the most renowned places for training in holistic and healing hands courses in Dubai.

    We have experts & highly experienced teachers who train our students in various Reiki healing classes which include the Usui System of Reiki, the Karuna Reiki System and also the Violet Flame Reiki System. Learn more on our website.

    To book your free private Reiki Healing consultation, or to know more about the Reiki training courses, please fill up the form provided above!

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